So today was the official start to my journey.  I didn’t bother to weigh myself as I figure it won’t change for a couple of days.  I have to say, so far so good.  By taking my lunch to work, I wasn’t tempted in my weakest area.  I also made it through the grocery store without splurging on needless trash.  I needed some more veggies in the house, and I was able to get a nice pork steak for dinner.  The bunnies in my yard made out like bandits since I was cleaning out the fridge.  They got everything from a head of lettuce to some turnips.


2 eggs

3 strips of bacon

Organic Coffee with Organic 1/2 and 1/2 and cane sugar.

I learned that cooking eggs directly in the bacon fat is a seriously lost art form.  The best eggs I have had in a long time.



Leftover ham bits

A crap load of asparagus

Asparagus is my favorite vegetable.



Salad with Tuna and Newman’s Own Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette.



Pork Steak

3 Oranges

Dinner was a mixed bag.  I grilled the pork steak with some African Spice mix, and it was great.  Tasted quite a bit like bacon.  I tried to roast some broccoli in the oven to try something new, that wasn’t working.  So then I put it in a pan, and somehow burned it.  Its not like I am a newbie chef.  It just wasn’t in the cards tonight.  I ate the oranges because I wanted something sweet, and I had used up my sugar with my coffee in the morning.  Would have been better if the oranges were better.


Veggie Soup:

So in order to continue avoiding temptation at work, I made some veggie soup to take with me for lunch.  Since I am avoiding processed foods, I decided to make it without using store bought stock.  I have never actually done this before.  It turned into the best soup I have had in a long time.  Its seriously not any more work than using the stock.  Just take a big onion, cut as small as possible.  Sweat it in a big pot with a little water until they just start to turn brown.  Fill the pot about half way with water, and put in three medium sized beef bones.  Cook on medium for about a half hour.  Add a lot of salt and a big spoon of garlic.  When the bones cook a crap load of flavor oozes out into the broth.  I was astonished at the taste, given that there was NO meat on these bones at all.  Once thats done, add your veggies.  I used a medium cabbage, 5 carrots, and a head of cauliflower.  Add more salt, and lots of pepper.  Cook till tender, consumer.  Soup is always better the next day, I can’t wait to eat it.



Given that I am avoiding processed foods, I am running into trouble with beverages.  I drank water all day, but I hate water.  I need to find something I can drink that isn’t loaded with sugar, and isn’t plain water.  I am thinking maybe pure juice, but then water it down on my own.  This is the perfect spot to crowd source an idea.  Ideas?

So I learned today that even good cooks have bad days, and that a nightmare about snakes will really screw up your mind.  Lets see what tomorrow holds.