Today was most definitely more of a challenge than yesterday.  I was incredibly tired last night, and my a solid eight hours of sleep for the first time in a REALLY long time.  This is extra promising for me personally, as I have not taken my sleeping pills in more than two weeks.  Thats the longest time in my adult life that I have been able to sleep.  I never was taking pharma sleep aids, but I had been taking a blend of Valerian root, Melatonin and other stuff to allow me to sleep.  I must have achieved enough peace in my soul that I don’t have to drug it to sleep any more.

Yet as much as I enjoyed the sleep, I couldn’t escape the “behind the 8 ball” feeling.  Maybe its because I was closing at work.  I almost never close, all it does is kill my day.  I accomplish nothing in the morning, work late, and when I get home I just want to sleep.  I was feeling very dizzy and my hands were shaking until about 4pm.  I was also much hungrier than yesterday.  I would say that my body is starting to burn through its ample fat reserves, and thats releasing the toxins into my body.  Some people that go primal describe going through about 3 weeks of hell.  I hope mine won’t be that long since I have been mostly gluten free for about 18 months.


3 strips of bacon

2 eggs

I forgot the cardinal rule that bacon keeps cooking after you take it off the pan.  Somewhat blacker than I like, but still tasty.  Smoked out the kitchen too.  I learned that if you can’t make over easy eggs, just use bacon grease.  I made the worlds most perfect over easy eggs, and I usually just break them.  Good breakfast, but I think I need a switch tomorrow.  I wish I knew of more primal breakfast options.  I just can’t bring myself to eat veggies for breakfast.


1 bowl of my veggie soup

Not much to say about this meal, other than it was AWESOME.  If you want to make good soup, use the recipe I put in yesterday.  It was even better today.


1 MORE bowl of veggie soup

1 yellow pepper

2 Oranges

I really wanted a salad, until I learned I was out of lettuce, and that canned tuna and black olives are not primal friendly.  Such is life.  The soup is still tasty.  Will definitely have to have some more protein tomorrow.  Its the only thing that keeps me full.

New Product:

I just tried the Sol “Sunflower Milk” in Vanilla.  Its actually really good.  I needed something sweet and creamy, and unfortunately my raw milk share doesn’t start up for a few more weeks.  To say it tastes like vanilla sunflowers makes it sound bad, but it does, and its good.  Think nuts in your vanilla ice cream.  Tasty.

Weight: Too soon to weigh.

I still have managed to avoid all temptations beverage, and I have managed to eliminate almost all sugar except from my morning coffee.  I hate drinking water, but I suppose its necessary.  Tomorrow should be a good day for me.  I open, and I am going to swing by the co-op for some cheap veggies.  I hope they have some grass fed beef, or else I am gonna have to weight till I get my bonus next week and order some.  A grass-fed steak and some asparagus would be killer right now.