So here is a lovely sequence of events.  My lovely wife goes back home for three weeks to visit her family.  Cool.  I decide to go on a massive life changing diet so I can show off when she gets home.  Also cool.  I decide to blog about to keep myself focused.  Probably not cool, but no one asked you.  I decided to number the posts.  Not cool.  Now every ten years when I come home to write, I get to realize I have 190 years to go till she gets home.  Does time always move this slow?

Moving on.  Today really had no major changes for me.  On the plus side my dizziness and shaking hands went away.  On the downside, I was hungrier today and more tempted by other foods.  Maybe that means I am starting to starve that crap out of my body.  I have successfully gone without either redbull or rockstar now for several days.  Thats about the longest break from energy drinks since I started working 11 years ago.

On the good news, I found a totally awesome local(ish) butcher from my buddy Gabe.  Dickman’s Meats.  I say local(ish) because it is a chain, unfortunately, but it is a small one.  I also think they are more franchised, so its not perfect, but it beats slapping some bills down for the over processed crap at the Safeway meat counter.  I walked in to this place and I could hear the meat singing to me.  Everything seemed to glow like it was touched by angels.  You name it they had it.  Of course your standard beef, pork, chicken.  They also had rabbits legs, frog legs, duck, goose, elk, moose, kangaroo.  If it moves on 4,2 or no legs, they probably have it.  Best part, the dude apologized for being so picked over with Easter on Sunday.  Hell, if thats picked over I am going back to the meatstravaganza when its restocked.

In the end I managed to restrain myself.  I got a small pork loin roast and some sauerkraut for Sunday.  If I play my cards right, that can be food until Tuesday.  I also got a grass fed beef tenderloin for dinner tomorrow.  It should grill up great with my asparagus and zucchini.  I can’t wait till I get my bonus next week so I can order some grass fed beef wholesale.  This piecemeal crap is for the birds.


3 strips of bacon

2 eggs.


At least I didn’t burn the bacon again.  Once again made perfect dippy eggs.  Downside, I wish I freaking had something to dip in them.


More soup.  I kinda wish I hadn’t made so much.  Is still delicious, but I can only eat the same thing for so long.  Next time, half portion.  I am used to cooking for both myself and my lovely wife.


4 cod fillets, about a pound overall.

Big Ass Salad

The cod was pretty good.  I just did it up real simply with butter.  I thought it would be fishy since there was a crap load of water caught in it, but I blotted most of it out.  The salad was good.  Also simple, just lettuce, dressing, and some homemade hot banana peppers.  Jenn and I canned some banana peppers about 2 years ago now, and they are super awesome on salads and sandwiches.  Also, the Newman’s own Sun Dried Tomato dressing is absolutely amazing.  Just go eat it.

Beverages were less of an issue today.  Partly I think since eating less processed food doesn’t make me as thirsty.  I also started doing something I always used to make fun of Jenn about.  I got a big jug of organic apple juice, and water it down about 50%.  This makes it last longer, and doesn’t make me drink a crap ton of sugar.  Organic Apple Juice, also tasty.

Weight: 242

Hopefully the beginning of  a trend, but it could just be the scale.  It sucks.