Today was simply awesome on the culinary front.  Unfortunately, to get there I had to wade through an entire day of Easter shoppers.  Actually, shoppers isn’t the right word.  Shopping involves going into a store, and handing them money in exchange for a product or service.  These people simply felt like wandering through a mall the day before the holiest day in the year.  If you have nothing better to do with your life than mosey through a mall with no purpose, then you have failed as a human being.

So after all of that, why was today a good day?  Because of this …

That is a wholly new and awesome culinary experience for me.  That is a grass fed steak.  Compare that to this abomination ..

Setting aside for a moment the fact that I took my picture in my dark kitchen with my cell camera, and the one underneath was probably taken at the steak equivalent of a playboy shoot, what do you see?  Well, mine was purple.  Why is that?  Answer, because mine wasn’t sprayed with red paint to get you to buy it at the grocery store.  Meat is not naturally bright red when it has been shrink wrapped and shipped.  What else do you see?  You notice all that white fat in there?  Thats the product of corn fed beef.  They feed it corn so that it grows that extra fat layer in there. Some how thats supposed to be better for you and for the cow than letting them chomp on natures bounty in the field.  You know, like God intended.

Setting aside for a moment the health and ecological implications, there was a much bigger question involved.  Why the hell do we let ourselves eat this second rate dog food grade beef product when there is something so much tastier out there?  This steak was the single most flavorful piece of meat I have ever had.  I have had grass fed ground beef before, and its awesome.  This was even better.

The texture was much softer and more tender, since you weren’t contending with artificially fattened meat.  It was also much less .. grainy, for lack of a better word.  The meat itself was almost creamy.  The flavor was almost, grassy.  It simply strikes a note inside of you that lets you know, this is what you were meant to eat.  If you have never tried some, its a must on your bucket list.  I cooked mine with a little African seasoning blend, and it was awesome.


I wasn’t hungry, so I had a cup of coffee with organic half and half and cane sugar, and a cup of apple juice.  Our ancestors ate when they could, and I am sure not every day involved three meals.  I refuse to eat when I am not hungry.


I FINALLY killed the soup.  My soup was super tasty, but after eating it for 4.5 meals in the last 3 days, it was a bit much.  On the other hand.  I made it all for about $9, so its hard to knock the payoff value on that.


THE STEAK FROM HEAVEN.  I think I covered that enough above.  I also covered a yellow onion in olive oil and grilled it with my steak.  It was an organic onion, and surprisingly, that gives it a very sweet flavor.  I also grilled some asparagus.  Best thing I can say about that is that my wife does it much better.  Mine doesn’t cut it, and I miss hers.

That was it for today.  I am almost to bed and still not super munchy.

Tomorrow is Easter, so I will be making some pork loin.  I wish my wife was here to share it with me, so I will just have to re-make it when she gets home.