So today was somewhat disappointing.  I had my nose rubbed in the fact that I am absolutely no fun on my own, and that i need my wife around to have a good time once I leave my couch.  Today I was in dire need of some vegetables to go with dinner.  I already had the pork and cauliflower from my trip to the butcher the other day.  So today being Sunday, I drove across town to the St. Phillips farmers market.  Then 5 minutes later I left. Empty handed.

Clearly the fun I derive from going to places like that is the fun I get when sharing it with someone else.  If I look at something, and see that its cool, having no one to share it with is just depressing.  So I looked around at a few things, and left.

On the plus side, even in that short time, I was able to scout the competition for natural chicken and eggs pretty well.  Out of all the vendors I saw today, only 1 had free range eggs.  A different one had pasture raised poultry, and you had to get on a mailing list to sign up.  That seems like a market looking for some exploitation, so that makes me happy.  It looks like a highly undeserved market to enter.  Fortunately, even if we are wrong, we just get to eat the product ourselves.

I don’t really feel any different so far.  I am getting less severely hungry, but I feel hungry more often.  As best I can describe it, its like a slow boil.  Always going ,but not accomplishing much.  That a good sign for me, as that means my metabolism is speeding up.  That usually gives me more mental and physical energy, which allows me to do more of what I want.  Well, at least once the wife comes home and I can motivate myself up off the couch.


3 strips of bacon

2 eggs

2 cups of coffee

I ended up eating after I got back from the farmers market.  Honestly, after skipping it for the one day, it started to sound really good again.  Everything is better with bacon.



Wasn’t hungry, and I was saving my portions for dinner.


Pork Roast


Sliced Peppers

The pork turned out amazing.  About 2 hours before I cooked it I put it in the loaf pan and poured the sauerkraut on top of it and let it marinate.  Then I baked it for what had to be and hour and a half at 400 degrees.  It cooked through, but was till super moist and tender.  Also, if there is a Dickman’s Butcher shop in your area, stop reading RIGHT NOW and go get some of their sauerkraut.  That is absolutely hands down the best I have ever had.  If you think you don’t like saurkraut, it just because you never had this type.  Its awesome.


2 Oranges

1 Glass of watered down Apple Juice

The Organic Apple juice from Sunflowers is really good.  The ingredient label is priceless, simply says “Juice from Organic Apples”


Weight: 239.4

I finally broke down and weighed myself today.  Thats the first time I have been under 240 in years.  Keep on going.