This is the first time I have sat down to write anything, and had trouble letting my thoughts flow out.  I spent about 3 hours today going through my office and ditching a huge number of books.  Either I don’t know how to function without all of the chaos, or I just feel less restless in my office now.  Hopefully my muse comes back or I am just going to have to go get all those books out of my car and just fling them across my office.  That would probably make the dogs happy, they seem to look out of place on the clean floor.

I will save people out there some time.  If you are holding on to books because you think they are worth something, you are wrong.  Unless that book has been out of print for a LONG time, or unless it was signed by somebody, its not worth anything at all.  No one reads anymore, and those who do are using an electronic device to do it.  Its a definite buyers market.  You are better off just dumping it now and getting the room back.

Food wise today was pretty boring.  I need to stop after work tomorrow and get some food since my fridge is damn near empty.  I really didn’t eat much today, I just wasn’t hungry at all.  In retrospect I think thats why I am so tired right now, but such is life.


2 cups of coffee with cane sugar and organic half and half.

Fairly simple fair, but I got to watch all of my yard birds and yard bunnies frolicking with delight.  The little pigs eat more than I do.


I at my leftover pork and sauerkraut from yesterday.  Only complaint is that there wasn’t enough left.  It was freaking awesome.



Progress will probably slow down for a couple days before continuing.  Thats how it usually works for me.

I should have some more interesting revelations tomorrow.  I have to go grocery shopping, so I will poke around for something primal friendly that I can try out for the greater good.  Cheers.