It took me until about 1pm to shack that general feeling of crappy that was hanging over me.  It finally dawned on me that it was a warfare issue instead of the usual stuff, so I told it to go away, and I felt much better after that.  My wife must have stirred it up back home, and since I am talking to her, it decided it could rattle me. No such luck, I know how to deal with them.  I am feeling pretty exhausted, but I should sleep better tonight now.

I stopped at the store on the way home, as my kitchen was pretty much down to salt and water.  I purposely chose not to go out yesterday so I could just stay home and relax.  My constant talk of grass fed deliciousness spurred my buddy Gabe to go out to the deli and get some for himself.  Fortunately, I was able to outsource my meat shopping to him, so all I had to do was stop and get some veggies.

I will admit, I splurged a little bit and got some dairy products.  Store bought dairy is a fine line.  Although most proponents of the paleo diet say that dairy is bad for you, I refuse to believe it.  More importantly, I don’t believe that ancient people avoided dairy.  Every culture in the world that had domesticated animals had some kind of cheese.  On the other hand, store bought dairy is pasteurized, and thus dead.  So its not very good for me either.  I figure if thats my splurge, so be it.

I had wanted to use today to pick out some new products to play with, but with meat in the car I got in and out as quick as I could.  I did get some delicious coconut milk, some colby jack cheese, and some yogurt.

This stuff is absolutely amazing.  I also have to say, after 7 days of eating almost no sugar, its almost too sweet.  You don’t realize how much we are just bombarded with sugar in our diet until you try to cut it out.  If you succeed long enough, your taste buds reset.  Once that happens, you realize how much more you can taste.

If I needed more proof after the coconut milk that my taste buds were changing, this was it.  The last time I ate this yogurt I didn’t like it … because it wasn’t sweet enough.  Tonight it tasted almost like a bowl of ice cream.  It was absolutely awesome.  I just wish I had cut up some fruit to toss in there.


Two cups of coffee with cane sugar and organic half and half

3 strips of bacon

2 eggs

Still struggling with the non carb breakfast.  If I ever remember to look this up at any time other than right before bed, I am sure I could find tons of options.  Since at this point I just wanna sleep, not so much.


Skipped it since I was at work.  I wasn’t hungry.


I had what I would estimate to be a 12oz petite sirloin

Some grilled zuchinni (more on that in a minute)

a big ass carrot

small piece of cheese

coconut milk


So I learned something tonight.  I learned that if you cook zucchini bad enough, it takes on almost the exact same texture as a burnt marshmallow.  Carbon on the outside, hot goo on the inside.  Totally ruined my awesome side dish.  I just can’t cook veggies without the wife.


I didn’t bother today, and with the loosening of the rules today I probably won’t tomorrow either.