Why the tribal future?  What does it mean?

Nations have reached the peak of their evolution, and will once again begin to backslide.  There are only 3 forms of organization that are capable of moving forward into the future.  That’s because it is in their best interest to perpetuate the group.

You may ask, why doesn’t a nation make the list?  Nation states as we know them are fairly new innovations.  Even as recently as our founding documents, wise men knew that for a nation to succeed it must be broken up into little chunks.  We were meant to be small states working together, not a giant blithering federal colossus.   A nation cannot succeed long term because given time, the rulers will no longer be affected by the destruction of its people.  Do we really think Washington cares if unemployment hits 20%?  As long as they can continue to get elected, they will be quite content to sell us down the river.  So nations in this form cannot survive forever.

Instead there are three forms that can move forward, again, in some form:

The corporation – Love them or hate them, it’s in a corporations best interest to survive.  Its how they continue to make money.  A corporation, when left to its own devices, will do everything in its power to ensure it continues.  Part of that is ensuring the health and success of employees and customers.

A church –  Churches exist to convert others to their cause for the purpose of the salvation of their souls.  Thus even though individual faithful are capable of self sacrifice, the creed will continue on.  This is not a negative indictment of the faith.  It is my duty as an evangelical Christian to convert others to my ways, for their own salvation.  Further discussion on that is for another day, the point here is that they will continue indefinitely.

The tribe – It is in everyones best interest to work together, because it allows the group as a whole to survive.  Families, neighbors and community working together, towards common goals, to solve common problems.  The local nature and close knit community allows this to be achieved without coercion, because if it doesn’t get done, everyone is affected.  This isn’t mindless altruism, its self preservation.

I believe this is the future we are heading towards, and I believe that because all issues of survival have to be handled locally.

A shift is coming.  Whether it means war, depression, pandemic, or betrayal, we will be forced to rely on ourselves rather than on a giant sustaining infrastructure.  Rather than staring at our neighbors over a picket fence and calling code enforcement on him, we might have to build a barn together.  Rather than driving to Safeway and picking up some bleach bread and corn products, we might have to harvest our own apples.  Rather than a corn fed steak, it might be Bambi burgers.  When that happens, we will have to work together, and work tribally to survive.

I believe a tribal future is coming.  Thats why I embarked on this paleo diet.  For me its about getting ready.  Its about testing the boundaries of what is common knowledge.  Its a test of faith in myself.  Its about learning new ways to survive.

Yet what if I am wrong?  What if I learn how to build things again, grow my own food, bond with my tribe, and learn to do for myself, and nothing happens?  Did I not still enrich my life?

As someone I respect says, survivalism is about making life better if times get tough, or even if the don’t.  Reach out now.  Start learning new things.  The world is so much deeper than the media would have you believe.  Start forming that tribe now, so that you, and we, can move into the future together.  Walk my path with me, or walk your own, but get up and walk.