There is nothing quite like the experience of sitting quietly in your office at work, doing meaningful work, when one of your employees runs back breathlessly saying your boss was in the building.  It certainly shouldn’t have been unexpected, I haven’t seen him in my store since early November, but it somehow managed to catch me off guard.  It actually would have been a good visit, but it wasn’t, because of one screwup.  Its so phenomenal that when your boss sees you only about 8 times a year, that one screw up can haunt you for a good long time.

So on top of my usual strain when dieting, I got to suffer through shaking hands and a horrible ass migraine.  It was not a good sort of day.  On the plus side, after all the stress I am almost completely exhausted.  I should have no trouble crashing and burning deep into dream land tonight.

Today was fairly uneventful on the food front.  I made the conscious choice to eat a very light dinner, since the incredible potential to drown myself in food was there.  I could easily see me drowning myself in steak, and while probably less critical than some other things, it didn’t strike me as the perfect plan.


1 cup of coffee, organic half and half, cane suger

3 strips of bacon

2 eggs

It didn’t occur to me until dinner that all this time I have had some kick but tomatoes in my fridge, just crying out to be used in an egg scramble.  So while it came too late to help today, tomorrows breakfast is another day.


No lunch.  Boss man.


A big bowl of salad.

Small slice of cheese

remainder of yogurt

Ok, I am being generous.  I cut up a head of lettuce, diced 3 tomatoes, and added dressing.  It was a salad only in the sense that it was green, and I put dressing on it.  Although, i used about 30% of the dressing I normally would have, so thats an unexpected bonus to the taste bud therapy.

Weight: Didn’t bother.