I basically spent the entire day today relearning things I definitely should have known already.  They say the best way to learn is to teach (Psych professors anyone?), so hopefully this time it sinks in.  I relearned that I need coffee to survive.  I just spent the entire day yawning.  Then I am sitting on my couch and I have been fighting off sleep for about two hours now.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired.  Oh right, I didn’t have my caffeine today.  That also explains the headaches.  Ok, that and the 4 huge full bloom palo verde trees that are in my back yard right now.

I also relearned that the grocery store attached to the mall where I work has crap for options in terms of primal friendly lunch food.  I ended up buying a weak womanly sized container of cottage cheese, and an odwalla juice.  It was actually pretty tasty, but I know it wasn’t the best way to go.  Unfortunately, both the dairy in the cottage cheese, and the massive amount of sugar in the drink are just not in the primal plan.


I finally mixed it up beyond bacon and eggs.  Today I mixed up a hearty veggie scramble.  4 eggs, a tomato, and a green onion.  All diced up and mixed together.  It would have been even creamier, but I wasn’t sure if my cream was still good or spoiled.  It had a weird smell to it, so I wasn’t about to chance it.  Once again, cooking eggs in bacon grease is a Godsend.  I almost got my entire omelet to flip.


I really should have packed lunch, but I just had no energy this morning.  Thus I had the cottage cheese and juice listed above.  It was better than flying off the handle and getting a piece of pizza or something.  I wish I hadn’t done it, but it could have been worse.


Dinner was super simple, but also really tasty.  I did a quick grill of a small petite sirloin, just your basic salt and pepper.  It was super tasty.  Not as good as the grass fed beef, but awesome for corn fed.  I also cut up about 3 broccoli crowns and steamed them.  Some light salt and we were good to go.

For desert I had a pear and an orange.

Challenges: I am pretty sure I am eating too much sugar and dairy.  The primal diet involves cutting out dairy, and limiting your natural sugar way down.  I have been eating a decent amount of fruit, and any dairy is too much, at least according to the author of the primal diet.  I certainly think it could be worse, but I want to excel.

Weight: Didn’t bother.

I am about to pass out on my keyboard, thus, off to bed.  Tomorrow, definite coffee.