Wow, its day 10.  That may not seem like a very long time, but I am pretty sure that I have never stuck to a diet for this long.  I am also 100% sure I never stuck to a blog this long.  On my several other abortive attempts my brain got bored and wandered around chasing butterflies while I meant to be writing something.  So far that hasn’t happened yet, at least as long as I remember to drink coffee in the morning.

I think the biggest reason that I have been successful up to this point is that I am not doing it for anyone else.  I am doing it for me.  God told me that I needed to do this, and I am.  By writing down my day, I have achieved catharsis.  It helps keep me from brooding over things gone by.

In terms of the food, I think that I am being successful because I am not viewing this as a diet, I am viewing it as a life change.  Maybe thats why so many diets fail.  If you are only skipping the cake now, so that later you can eat the cake guilt free, just eat the cake now.  We all know its going down your pie hole, so why wait?  I think in order for it to succeed you must truly believe you are going to change your life forever.

Do I honestly think that I will never eat flour, beans, corn syrup, or the other evils of mass food ever again?  Of course I will.  I know for an absolute fact that I have a corporate meeting in the middle of May.  If its anything like last year, I will be sick for a week and gain 5 pounds.  Am I going to worry and fret over that?  Not at all.  It is better to shoot for 100% and fall short at 95%, than it is to never try.  If your lack of perfection causes you to stop trying, you will never achieve anything in your life.


1 cup coffee, cane sugar, organic half and half

2 eggs

I realized yesterday that I can’t live without coffee, so that was my primary objective this morning.  I did make the mistake of using too much sugar in my coffee, and I could barely drink it.  Once again, my palate is shifting away from the sugary things in life.



I was feeling under the weather from my allergies, and my ears were draining to the point of almost clogging shut.  So I left work early to get that taken care of.


Pork Stew

On the plus side of getting home earlier, I put some double bone pork chops, green beans, carrots and onion in the crock pot.  I just seasoned it really simply with salt, pepper and some fresh garlic.  It turned out pretty good and I have enough left for dinner tomorrow.


239.2 as of this morning.  Woo!