So often in my life, I am presented with a question or a mystery that is incredibly frustrating, and before I go off to find the answer, God delivers it to me.  Today was one of those days, and it is both amusing and informative.  So I will share.

This morning when I got up, I wasn’t particularly hungry.  Mainly, I just didn’t feel like dealing with cleaning my breakfast dishes.  Since I had to work today, I figured I would have to eat something.  So instead of frying up some delicious bacon and eggs, I sat down to eat two pears while I waited for my coffee to brew.  Now on the plus side, the pears were absolutely delicious.  On the downside, I was starving about two hours later.

Now I was able to resist the temptation to break my diet, but it certainly made a long boring day, even longer.  I got to thinking, certainly in terms of volume, those pears were larger than the two eggs I ate yesterday.  Yet those eggs kept me satisfied for most of the day, and the pears died off quick, so what makes that happen?  While standing at work, I reached the conclusion, it must have been the sugar in the pears.  I didn’t have anything to base that on, but I am pretty sure.

While driving home, I happened to hear any explanation on my Survival Podcast.  A caller was asking about snacking when on the paleo diet, and how he wanted to eat so much.  Jack gave me the answer on the air.  When you eat a diet high in animal fat, your body stays satiated the longest.  He also gave a much more detailed and scientific explanation, but I have been up for 18 hours now, so you aren’t getting it from me.  Short answer, you will stay full longest when eating an animal fat rich diet.

Now this absolutely screams in the face of everything we were taught about food as kids.  This is why you have to stop and think about why you do what you do.  If you leave the auto pilot on, you will never change your behavior.  I KNOW in my soul that the paleo diet is the way we were meant to eat, yet I still struggle with eating fat.  My programming tells me its bad, while my body is screaming at me that it needs it.  I know this to be true because when I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, I am good till dinner.  When I used to eat carbs for breakfast, I was hungry in two hours.

So don’t just act, think.


2 stupid pears

2 cups of coffee, organic half and half, 33% less cane sugar as my taste buds adjust.

Stupid pears tricked me


Raspberry Snapple

Note to paleo people, snapple appears to be a good way to go for a ready beverage for us.  It doesn’t appear to have any crazy inorganic ingredients or a ton of sugar.


Leftover pork stew from yesterday.

Once again, I didn’t eat enough fat.  I ate 3 heaping bowls of stew, but the meat was lean, and there wasn’t enough of it.  I was hungry again two hours later.

Weight: Didn’t check.

Tomorrow, bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I am tired of being hungry.