I keep making the same mistake when I start off my writing process.  I will share it.  Hoping that I will finally learn it, once committed to paper, and that if any other budding writers read it, I can save them hours of frustration.  I will come up with something meaningful to me, that I want to share.  Then, rather than saying what I want, I will try to spin it into some profound sounding drivel.  Then I get stuck.  Eventually, I stare at the screen long enough that I delete what I started to write, and I put down what I should have written all along.

I once heard that if you truly want to be a writer, you must write for yourself.  He who writes for a man, writes for every man.

So, self, and everyone else out there.  You are much more likely to change the world, once you stop trying to change the world, and try to change yourself.