I am definitely feeling the strain of having the wife gone for so long now.  Any initial excitement wore off about 11 days ago.  It feels like a big part of me is missing.  On top of that , its the exciting and fun part.  I have a nagging sense of dread and loneliness.  The warfare is definitely stepped up without my wifey around for support.

I am once again going to have to go out and go grocery shopping tomorrow.  The cabbage and onions I made for dinner were the last remnants of product in the kitchen.  My fridge looks like it belongs to the worlds most boring bachelor.  A bachelor fridge is when all thats left is alcohol and condiments.  Except in my case thats a jar of mayonnaise and 5 bottles of Corona that I can’t drink anyway.  Fortunately I made enough veggies to last me tomorrow, so I can do both of my food stops on different days.  I can get my meat and dog food tomorrow, then I can hit up double add Wednesday at Sunflowers the next day.  Yup, thats what I am reduced to being excited about with no wife.

I did make an amazing discovery tonight.  Cooking cabbage in leftover bacon grease is fantastic.  I was making sausage for dinner, and of course sausage needs peppers and onions.  I didn’t have any peppers, so I improvised.  I cut up a head of cabbage into fairly small pieces, and got that cooking in a pot with a little water.  Then I sliced up 4 small onions and threw them in.  I didn’t have any fresh peppers, but I had half a jar of canned peppers that Jenn and I made almost two years ago.  So I dumped those in.  Once the water was almost gone, I put in probably 3 tables spoons of bacon grease.  It was amazing.

The bacon grease gave everything a nice all over brown caramelized look.  The peppers I threw in basically melted, which sounds like it would be gross, but I swear it made everything in there super sweet.  It was absolutely fantastic except for the lingering smell of onions ground into my hands.

I pretty much dismissed making the canned peppers at the time that we did them.  Now though, I am much more interested in learning how to do it.  Plus, I can see myself using those even more in cooking and eating as I continue on my primal journey.  I look forward to canning more food with Jenn.


2 cups of coffee with cane sugar and organic half and half

I didn’t really feel like eating this morning.  It took me so long to get started its probably a good thing I didn’t eat.  I have to make sure I pick up some actual cream at the store tomorrow in addition to the veggies.


Salad (Lettuce and Tomato)

Minimal French Dressing

2 small chunks of cheese

I ate the cheese and was still hungry, so I said screw it and ate a salad.  The tomato was actually pretty good, and I barely used dressing, which for me is amazing.


2 Sweet Italian Sausages from Dickmans

Huge pile of Cabbage Creation I mentioned above

Thanks God I have leftover side dishes

Glass of half water/half apple juice

Not bad for keeping it under control while moping around the house today.

Weight: 238