I was so beat last night that I actually forgot that I got another room of my house cleaned up.  I didn’t think to take any before pictures, but it was pretty torched.  The dog’s bedroom had, over the last 3 years of living here, become the general catch all for stuff we didn’t know where else to put.  Some of this was laziness on my part, some of it is just that houses built in the 50s have about 30% of the closet space you need.  So a large amount of stuff just ended up hanging out in the middle of the floor.

That is all gone now.  Some of it is thrown away, some of it is organized better, and some of it is moved to where it really belongs.  One of the biggest random clutter factors in that room was actually my ammunition.  I have an astonishing amount of ammo in that closet.  When you bunch it all up on a shelf, instead of letting it sprawl, its quite a lot of volume.  So thats all in once place now.

That was pretty exciting for me, as it was the last room in our house that still needed cleaned and cluttered.  Now I just have to actually drop all my books off at the second hand store or Goodwill, and haul all of the trash in my carport to the dump, and we will be done.  The inside of my house is awesome, and awaiting the wifey’s return.  She won’t even recognize the place.

Since today I was back at work, I stopped at the grocery store.  This means there is food in my house once again, which is good, since the shelves were looking awfully bare.  I still have to go restock the paleo protein supply, but the butcher and the grocery store aren’t on the same road home, and 5pm traffic means you want to spend as little time up there as possible.  Any time I drive home I think about how badly I want to live somewhere else.

In addition to my usual assortment of green things to go with my meat, I also remembered some other essentials.  I did finally remember to get cream for my coffee, so I can test out not needing sugar.  I got more coconut milk, since I might need a drink at some point in the future.  They also had my sunflower drink on sale for $1 a container.  So I took the last 3 in the store.  I also discovered

which is pretty darn tasty.  Its nice to have a pure organic alternative to plain orange juice.  Tomorrow, on to the butcher shop.


1 cup of coffee with organic half and half, 2 tbsp sugar

3 strips of hickory bacon

2 eggs

I think I finally learned what this bacon needs to look like when you pull it out of the pan.  It has to stay lighter than regular bacon, or it will burn to a crisp.  Will test it tomorrow.


1 Raspberry Snapple

I splurged, it could have been worse.


2 Polish Sausage from Dickmans

1 big ass pile of leftover cabbage

Somehow I should have clued in sooner, but polish sausage is kielbasa.  This was hands down the best kielbasa I have ever had.  I will certainly be needing to go get some more tomorrow.  I can’t wait to cook some up for Jenn.

Weight: 237