Well, here I am two weeks into this project.  I can’t promise I won’t do anymore retrospectives, but its all I kept coming back to tonight.  Not only have I stuck with a diet, but I did it at a time when two weeks has felt like its dragging on for about two months.  It feels like its on the back end of forever.  I am continuing to successfully change how I eat and look at food.  I am also changing how I interact with others.  This will be my twentieth blog entry in the last two weeks as well, for which I am also proud of myself.  I am also proud of all of you for not throwing your computers through the wall for delivering this drek to you every day.

Yesterday I took care of the vegetable and beverage end of the food spectrum, today I went a little crazy at the butchers shop.  Fortunately, going crazy only involved $35, and got me enough meat to last me through Sunday at least.  All total I got 4 small steaks, 4 pork chops, 6 sweet Italian sausages and a pound of apple-wood smoked bacon.  On the downside, the only thing new on this trip was the apple-wood bacon, the rest of it I had before.  I don’t want to go too hog wild exploring new things, because I want to be able to share them with Jenn when she gets home.


5 strips of hickory bacon

1 cup of coffee, organic half and half, cane suger

I decided to finish off the half and half before busting open the creamer.  There is always tomorrow for that.


I skipped lunch like usual, and my hypothesis was confirmed.  Bacon for breakfast will fill me up, without leaving me feeling too full in the morning.


2 small 8oz steaks

3 broccolli crowns w/ pepper jack cheese

Diluted Apple Juice

The steaks turned out perfectly.  I did one of them just salt and pepper, and the other I used my African Spice mix.  They were great.

Late snack:

I was actually hungry before bed tonight, which hasn’t happened in awhile.  So I decided to eat a few strawberries I got at the store yesterday.  I could have eaten the whole pack, but that would just be a sugar overload.

Weight: 237