I have to be honest, today I didn’t feel very tribal, so this will probably be a short recap.  I spend a lot of my free time, either researching primal eating, interacting with other survivalists, looking for property. or just dreaming in general.  Today I accomplished none of that.  I basically got up, went to work, came home, and vegetated.  That wasn’t exactly unheard of for me in the past, but lately I have been turning over a new leaf.  Tonight, it just flopped back over.  I came home, cooked for myself, and sat on the couch with my dogs.  I also spent about 2 hours off and on fixing up my friends PC.  He lets 900 programs all open up when windows does and wondered why it was slow as hell.  It should be fixed now.  Tomorrow, I will have to get back into my normal swing.  I feel like a bum otherwise.

My only claim to fame tonight though, was Bacon Wrapped Pork chops.  I don’t even know where this idea came from today, but I looked into my fridge. I saw bacon, and I saw pork chops.  I said, these things would be even better together.  So I took each pork chop, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, and wrapped each one with two strips of apple-wood smoked bacon.  It was awesome.  The apple bacon was the perfect one to use, because it kind of lent that sweet flavor to the rest of it.  They cooked up just right on the grill, and I wolfed em down.


2 cups of coffee with cream and tiny bit of sugar




2 bacon wrapped pork chops of delicousness

Raw Cauliflower

1 Coconut milk rum drink

Weight: Didn’t check today.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more interesting writing, but my emotional energy was spent elsewhere tonight.