For some reason the last few days I have felt like I am running through quicksand.  I have been sleeping so incredibly hard the last few nights, but yet I have been waking up before my alarm.  As a life long insomniac, I think its pretty awesome that I don’t have to take my sleeping supplements any more, but I keep thinking I need to sleep in.  Tomorrow I am off, so we will see if that helps balance me back out.

I almost started to say that I didn’t do anything paleo today, but thats not actually true.  Which is good, since no one wants to read two uninteresting posts in a row.  Today, after fighting with paypal for 20 minutes, I paid for my first month of milk share.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, a little background in order.

Milk, in its natural state, is raw milk.  It comes from the cow, and enters a human.  This cycle of nature was working from the absolute dawn of time, until the 1940s.  Raw milk contains natural pro-biotics, vitamins, and anti-allergens.  Then in the 40s, milk pasteurization became mandatory.  Pasteurization is where milk is heated in big metal vats, and cooked.  Turning it essentially into white protein water.  You know, removing all that good stuff.  Somehow, this wasteful unhealthy process is ok, but drinking milk straight from the cow as God intended must be stopped.

So why the history lesson?  Because in a country where it is not only legal, but it is encouraged to eat beef bits that have been pulled apart in a centrifuge, then treated to an AMONIA bath, it is illegal to distribute raw milk.  So I can go take a Xanex, Ambien, Zoloft, or any of that crap, but I can’t allow healthy bacteria into my body.  Instead of being able to go to the store and buy raw milk, or even having it delivered, I have to rent a cow.  Thats right, a milk share is basically renting part of a cow.  Thats because they haven’t yet found a way to keep me from drinking milk from a cow I own.  Yet.  I would love to give the organization credit that helps us, but the woman who runs it would probably just get harassed by the feds again.

Hey, they arrested the amish for selling it.  We all know how sneaky those guys can be.

I am not currently equipped to discuss all the benefits that raw milk and natural bacteria.  Not yet, but I am going to learn.  Somehow these assclowns that run our country can’t see the connections between killing off all the good bacteria in our bodies, and our continual slide into medical hell.  Their solution is to wrap it in plastic and spray lysol on it, completely ignoring our 10000 year connection to nature on this planet.  I am so glad that I was exposed to the truth.  Now I want to help other people.


1 cup organic coffee with organic cream and cane sugar




2 pork chops on the grill

Small piece of cheese

1 head of iceberg lettuce with honey mustard dressing

Weight: 243