I spent today trying to plot a course forward through the infinite morass of my future.  After about 17 wasted hours today, I am no closer to a resolution than when I got up this morning.  There are so many things that I want to do. I need to find a way to narrow my interests, and monetize them.  I need to find the one thing that I am interested in that will allow me to start to add to my primary income.

Isn’t that something that we all struggle with?  We all want to do something that improves the lives of our tribe around us.  We all want to be respected for what we do.  We benefit ourselves, by being able to provide a benefit to those around us.  Thats how we make money as well.  When we do something that helps others out, and that they appreciate, they reward us with money.

I want a job that will help people.  I want to improve their lives, and do something they need.  I have felt so alive in the last few weeks, I would love to be able to share that feeling.  I want to help people reconnect with what we have lost.  Although I didn’t find a way to do that today, I did help define what I want.  The first step to achieving a goal, is knowing where you are going.


3 strips of apple-wood bacon

2 eggs

Apple-wood bacon I think is my favorite Dickman’s variety of what I have tried so far.  It smells like you are frying up some apples, and it has an awesome flavor to it.  I really have to start cooking it on the griddle pan Jenn got me, but I will wait until she gets home to do that.


1 green pepper

1 Pineapple

small piece pepper jack cheese

I didn’t plan very well.  I left the meat in the freezer until about 4.  So while I was cooking dinner in the Crockpot, I ate my fruit and veggies as a meal in and of itself.  The pineapple was right on the border of being too ripe, and it was awesome.


Pork Roast

Sweet Italian Sausage


I cooked it all up together in the crock pot, and it was pretty tasty.  The pork roast I just had laying in the freezer, so I want to get rid of it.  The sausage was OK, its definitely better grilled.  At least I have leftovers for tomorrow.

I got to sleep in today which was awesome.  I wish I had my usual two days off in a row, but no such luck.  I can tell my buddy is burning more fat off, as I felt a little sick to my stomach today.  As much fun as that is in the short term, thats the best way to go long term.  Hopefully it holds off tomorrow though.  The only thing that will make a long un-fulfilling day longer is being nauseous.