This posting is going to be pretty short.  Firstly, I didn’t accomplish much today, as I was at work.  Second, when I wasn’t at work, I was sitting on my couch trying to pay attention to three love starved puppies.  Something about looking into their adorable brown eyes just makes it really hard to get up and get moving in the evening.  Thirdly, I close tomorrow, and I am putting out an extra posting in the morning.  So I will continue to let me mind percolate on that one.  I could probably write it now, but its 12:35 am my time, and even though I am in no way tired, I know that morning clock will get here quick.

As I sat glued to my couch tonight though, I did have a thought.  In the book, Debt Free U, Zac Bissonnette talks about how the average college kid could actually pay for his school if he just worked instead of watching TV or drinking.  This was based off of the truly staggering amount of TV the average college kid watches.  I don’t have cable.  I get all of my TV signal via netflix or hulu.  I had thought that was enough to keep me from wasting away in front of the screen.  Now that I get to look back at how little I accomplished in the last 3 weeks, I have to wonder how much more I could do with no TV at all.  I probably don’t have the will power to get rid of it entirely, but even two hours less a day is an extra 14 days a week.  What could you accomplish with 14 hours?  I bet that if I actually got up off of my butt, I could learn some of those tribal skills quicker than I am now.  I might even have come up with an idea for a side business.  So my question to you is, do you feel the day is too short?  If you do, how much of it is in front of the TV?

My answer is Yes, and Too Much.


2 cups of coffee

The creamer theory is working wonderfully.  The extra fat content in the cream is keeping me going all day.  Not something I want to do every day, but sure makes life a lot easier.  Plus it keeps me from munching at work.


Leftover Sausage, Pork, and Sauerkraut



I most certainly did not have the energy to cook tonight, so I scarfed down the leftovers from last night.  I have taken to eating veggies raw with dinner, because I don’t feel like cooking and I figure they are better for me that way anyway.  I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up some more veggie matter and some dairy essentials.  Oh and coffee.  It wouldn’t be a morning without coffee.

Weight 236 post dinner.