This isn’t going to flow in any kind of narrative, so I am just going to put this right up front at the beginning.  Please consider supporting a group that I have become very fond of, Bella Medical Ministries.  These guys are survivalists in the truest sense of the word, and use it to help others.  They deploy everywhere from Joplin after the tornado, to Haiti.  They go in with all of their own supplies, and place no extra strain on the situation. They have medical training to help those in need, and they can save a person’s life for just a few dollars.  For a more detailed interview on what they do, listen to this episode of the survival podcast.  There are two ways you can help.  First, you can go to their site and donate.  I did.  If you can’t, or don’t want to, please just go to their Facebook page linked above and just click like.  This costs you nothing, and allows Bella to get corporate sponsorships.  Its like using someone else’s money to help people.  If more of us followed God’s word to watch out for our fellow man, we could put the government out of business.

I told you that wouldn’t flow, but it is extremely important to me.

Tonight is also my last night as a bachelor.  I am so incredibly happy about that.  I really just do not do well on my own.  I miss having my best friend around to share things with.  Fortunately, we discovered her flight gets in about two hours earlier than we thought it would, so we actually get to spend some time together tomorrow evening.  Then I just have one INCREDIBLY stressful day at work, and I can ease into a nice long weekend.  Woo.

Today was probably the smallest amount of food I have eaten in a long time.  I was too tense about a presentation I was supposed to do at work, and I didn’t feel like eating.


2 cups of coffee with cream and sugar




4 strips of bacon

1 tomato and pepper jack omelette

1/2 container of vanilla yogurt

Apple Juice

Now admittedly, I have eaten a ton of eggs lately.  I would probably have made something else, except I forgot that closing means I got out of work after the butcher was already closed.  So it was either get sub-par meat, or make do with what I had.  I have to say, this was the best batch of eggs I have had in a long time.  4 eggs, about 8 diced cherry tomatoes and a heavy dose of cream.  Mix it all together, and pour into hot bacon pan.  It cooked up like a dream.

Weight: 234 right before dinner.  Don’t even want to know right now.