Jenn officially made it home safe and sound last night, which makes me incredibly happy.  I will now, in all likelihood, adapt the Jon Acuff “Quitter” Method to the morning times.   OK, technically most of these were written in the morning anyway, but morning will now mean 7:00am ish instead of between midnight and 1am.  That type of writing schedule is much less considerate of others than simply getting up early.

The last 24 hours have been very rough for me and my family, nothing critical, but much of it stressful.  So today’s post will be fairly brief.  I should get back on track in the next few days.  If anyone reads this and could throw a prayer our way, Jenn and I would both appreciate that.

On a more positive note, today going forward I get to share my paleo journey with Jenn, who has agreed to join me in my crazy hippieness.  It will be even more fun to walk this road with someone else.  Also, since she hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks, she was able to confirm that I am looking much leaner.  I am still paunchy and doughy, but my belly is shrinking quite a bit.  Maybe one day I won’t have one.  Our bodies have a truly amazing ability to repair themselves, if only we can give them the right fuel.

As I was running around yesterday getting ready for Jenn’s homecoming, I realized that the house screws itself up while you aren’t looking.  I realized that despite my best efforts to keep it clean, dust had managed to coat everything.  I also realized that my fridge was empty.  So I ran out to the store on the way home from work, and bought enough food to actually sustain somebody who couldn’t leave to go get food.  We have enough to get us through to Friday.  Then I get to introduce Jenn to Dickman’s meats.


Coffee with cream and cane sugar

I felt like I was running in quicksand this morning, so I only had time for one cup of coffee.  That didn’t help the quicksand feeling.


Small Bowl Cottage Cheese

Technically I had a small bowl


Two burgers

two strips of bacon

Heap of salad.

Yeah, thats right, a heap of salad.  Also, my burgers were amazing.  If you want a kick ass burger, the key is to season it all the way through.  I don’t measure, but here is my recipe:

2 lbs ground beef

Chili Powder


Curry Powder

Red Devil Hot-sauce

Don’t be afraid when seasoning.  Apply with a heavy hand.  Mix it all together really good with your hands in a bowl.  Most of the actual heat will burn off in the cooking process.  All that will be left is a tasty deliciousness.  It went really good with the apple smoked bacon I grilled with it.  Tasty.  Enjoy.