Today was a stressful day, but it was a necessary hurdle to pass in order to get to my nice long weekend.  Anytime your boss visits, its an inherently stressful situation.  When you boss brings his boss, its doubly so.  Although, in this case, the big boss was actually pretty cool.  His feedback on the store was valid, and he is from Portland.  Thus we shared a lot of common perspective on food and growing locally.  Although he clutters it up by feeling it overly necessary to exercise.  I will never get on that band wagon.  I did learn pretty quickly that it was easy to get him side tracked by talking about coffee or food.  Handy tools to have in the arsenal.

I also discovered a new joy, that I most certainly wouldn’t have appreciated a few years ago.  Makers Mark whiskey.  Jenn was super thoughtful and brought me back a hand waxed bottle from Kentucky.  She actually got to tour the distillery where they make it, and she learned all about it.  Its a mark of my adult taste buds that I actually liked it with just some ice in it.  Its not something to drink everyday, well technically you shouldn’t drink anything every day, but it was pretty damn good.  It was certainly a welcome diversion after a tough day.  It helped get the kinks out of my shoulders.


1 cup of coffee with cream and cane sugar

I only had time for one cup of coffee this morning.  Boo.


1 whole milk latte with raw sugar

Hey, the big boss was buying, I would be a fool not to.  There is a new local coffee shop in my mall, he loved it.  He might be a boss, but at least he knows what food is about.


1 pork chop


grilled onions

I once again had my nose rubbed in how much sweeter organic onions are than the poisoned ones.  Also, it was good to have asparagus again, since apparently I can’t cook it on my own.  Pork chops where super simple, just salt and pepper, and they were awesome.  Can’t wait to go on a food exploration trip this weekend with Jenn.

Weight: 234