I didn’t have much opportunity to be tribal today.  In fact, I didn’t really have any.  I had to work, and it was my last day before a nice long weekend.  So I didn’t really push myself.  I mainly went to work, came home, and relaxed.  I know I will get lots of chances over the next few days to learn and grow, so there was no need to cram them in while exhausted.

I did get to pick up my meat package from Dickman’s yesterday.  I got 44lbs of totally awesome meat, for about $3.50 a pound.  My decent sized chest freezer went from damn near empty, to actually containing some goodness.  That should help cut my food outlay down quite a bit for the next month or so.  Nothing is worse than me going in hungry every few days and buying more than I need.  When I was there I saw them get very busy, and a bunch of packages were being carried out.  It was good to see a local business getting that much attention.  If we all shopped that way it would be a more interesting city.


2 cups of coffee with cane sugar and cream

Jenn pointed out, while drinking coffee yesterday, that the pasture raised cream that we were drinking tastes different than the regular kind.  Its still not as good as the raw milk, but it does have some of that “grassy” flavor that you expect from natural.




2 jalapeño cheddar brat patties

3 strips maple bacon

1 grilled onion

1 Giant heap of salad with sour cream and organic chipotle ranch dressing.

Jenn had an awesome dinner waiting for me, and an even more kick ass desert.  We had an awesome selection of grilled breakfast meats that were great.  The organic onions once again cooked up even better than the regular kind.  Lastly, colored peppers must be in season, because the yellow peppers we got for our salad were awesome.

Lastly, Jenn made awesome smoothies for desert.  I will list the recipe below, but suffice it to say, I could have drunk a gallon of them.

1/2 pound good strawberries (the small ones taste better)

1 banana

Silk Coconut milk


Blend till smooth

Drink the crap out of it.

Weight: 235

My weight seems to have plateaued for now, but I will start losing again once my shape catches up.