Today was a truly awesome day.  So awesome in fact, it almost makes up for the incredible amount of sunburn that I received while doing it.  The moment that fades, I will be sitting pretty.

With Jenn coming home from Pittsburgh, I took the opportunity to take a nice long weekend with her, and spend some time together around the house.  This actually turned out to be much more productive than I had anticipated, such as with planting the orange tree yesterday.  Today we spent the entire morning working in the yard, getting it ready for our animals.

First, the hugelkulture bed I put the orange tree in seems to be doing its job quite well.  We watered it in the morning, and it was still moist around the tree heading into the evening.  I think the wood I put in the hugel bed was old enough that it sucked the water right up, and its slowly feeding it back, just like its supposed to.  This bodes well for the garden we want to plant.

I was able to get the last clothes line pole out of the yard, that I had left standing for the entire three years we have lived in this house.  It was actually much easier to remove than the other one, which is just ironic now.  The last one must have had a foot wide block of concrete on it, this one was like two inches.  I guess I did the hard one first.  Jenn and I were also able to drag the goat house across the yard, and put it in the corner where it will be sheltered.

Lastly, I found a way to not only recycle the wooden structure of our old garden, but also to recycle the ground plot.  All of the old wood timbers are in a pile in my side yard, all I have to do is trim the ends off, and I can use them for my raised beds.  I just have to put in the Hugel bed, and I will be up an running in no time.

We also figured that we can use the bed to grow some grains for our goats.  I am thinking either alfalfa, millet or amaranth will be a good way to go.  Something we can toss down with a minimum of irrigation and grow for goat fodder.  We should be able to convert a decent chunk of our side yard to grain production, which will be phenomenal.

That entire list of things was accomplished before 1pm.  After that, it got really interesting.  As I mentioned previously, Jenn and I have joined a milk share.  So we took up our jars, and some candles that we were using as barter.  Of course we can’t visit the farm without wanting to spend all day there petting the animals, so we got to talking with our farmer.  Long story short, we have arranged an adoption of two little Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  They look a lot like this :

These will be the perfect goats for our yard, and they are wonderful little milk producers for their size.  Plus it will make our backyard super fertile.   As soon as we adopt our actual goats, I will post some pictures of them.  Goats are little characters, so I am sure their antics will make their way onto these pages.  We should be able to bring them home in just a few weeks, once I get back from my company meeting in Florida.  This is a fantastic first step towards our homestead.  On top of that, we got an early share of milk, which we weren’t expecting at all. 

Paleo Portion:


2 cups of coffee with cream and cane sugar



We got so busy keeping up the yard I didn’t even think about food.  I wasn’t even hungry.


Stew Beef cooked in coconut oil

Coconut oil cabbage

Salad w/ home-made ranch dressing

carrots with honey butter sauce

I can’t even describe how awesome everything was.  Probably the best part was the ranch dressing.  It was super simple and delicious.  So glad Jenn made it for me.  Is simply:

Coconut milk




Black Pepper

I could have just poured it in a glass and drank it.  It was amazing.

Weight: 233