Today is day 30 of my new journey.  So assuming I don’t go hog wild in the middle of the day and eat a pizza, I have officially made it through one month of my new paleo journey.  I lost 20lbs while doing that.  I have also fully embraced certain aspects of my homesteading future as well.  I have written 42 blog posts in the last 30 days.  Most importantly, I achieved a goal I set for myself.  I wanted to prove that I could change something about myself with enough work.

I have been in retail a long time.  I have been forced to endure a good many hours of lectures and training on goal setting.  Note by my use of the word endure, I didn’t find them super helpful.  They were always blathering on about how any victory was simply right over the hill as long as you break it down into tiny enough pieces and throw good thoughts at it for long enough.  We can do anything as long as we set SMART goals and dedicate the time to it.  You can be #1 in the company despite being located in a geographic backwater where no one likes to shop.  Blah Blah Blah.

Yet goal setting is important.  Without a guiding call in your life, you will never be anything more than you are.  Although my quotes come from unlikely sources, I still managed to find one that fits, “A mind without purpose will wander in dark places”.  Goal setting to me is not about the easy road to success.  Its not about being able to pay homage and lip service to broken ideals for the sake of gain.  Its about pouring all of who you are into a crucible of the soul, and hammering until a new you is forged.  This cannot happen by circumstance, and this cannot be caused by the outside.  Only you can change you that dramatically.  You will change when you reach a level of disgust with yourself or your circumstances that involves you getting angry.  You will get angry enough with something, to hammer until that something goes away.  No internal obstacle can long oppose a flood of righteous change.  Its not about positive thinking, its about concrete action.  Start walking the path before you can fully see the end.  Open yourself to God’s will, trusting in him to know the end, before he reveals it to you.

So as I stand here on day 30, I enjoy looking back at what I have accomplished.  I could have very easily said I wouldn’t bother because it would take too long.  I could have continued on my road.  I could have ignored my desire to be a homesteader because it would make me look silly.  Yet how old am I a month later having made these changes?  How old would I have been if I hadn’t ?  The time is going to pass.  Isn’t it better to seize it and mold yourself to a purpose?

Paleo Portion:


2 cups of coffee – one with cream, one with raw milk

I made an unfortunate discovery this morning.  As awesome as raw milk is to drink, and it is, it doesn’t work for me in coffee.  Its not think enough to change the flavor of the coffee.  That’s a shame, but at least I found:

Well, technically I use the cream, but I couldn’t find a picture of that.  As you can see though, its an entire line of pasture raised dairy products.  So although its still killed with pasteurization.  Its a step in the right direction.


I didn’t eat lunch.  Unfortunately, I was bad.  I had a handful of corn tortilla chips at work because I was starving.  This is the first row crop I have had in a month.  I wouldn’t say I broke my diet, because occasional corn is ok, but I still felt guilty.


1/2 meatloaf

Salad with ranch, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Jenn made an awesome meat loaf using feta cheese and spinach.  I could have eaten one twice as big as I did.  It was awesome.