Market on the Move:

Today, we discovered yet one more reason why you want to buy local product if at all possible.  We found absolutely the best deal for vegetables for both our selves, and for our animals.  There is a group in Tucson called the 3000 Club which sponsors the Market on the Move.

These guys go around and gather up local organic produce from growers, gather it all together, and sell it for a small donation.  You can pay a $10 donation, and take up to 60lbs of some really awesome product home with you, and its all organic.  I really wish I had taken a picture of our food box, because it was simply awesome looking.  We got grape tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchini, yellow squash, green peppers, a honey dew and a watermelon.  Next time I will snap a picture.  We busted into the peppers and cucumbers for our dinner salads.  Those were some of the best green peppers I have had in a long time.

On top of that, we found a great resource for our animal fodder.  All of the vegetables that are unfit for human consumption, either because of bruising or rotting or whatever, are pulled to the side.  They give those away for free.  So we took a box back home with us.  Jenn organized it up a bit, and we put it in our freezer.  On Monday we will take it up to our Milk Share Farm.  I am sure it will really help her out.  When we get our own goats in a couple weeks, we will be able to use a box of food to last us a long time.  Two pygmy goats don’t really eat that much all in all.

It was a great atmosphere at the Market on the Move.  I look forward to going back next week.  It was great to see all of these people loading up with quality food.   Tucson is very conscious of organic eating and local food for a city of our size.  Still, I know that something like this is making a difference on both ends of the spectrum.  The people that donate are getting healthier food than normal, and our donations go to help needy people as well.  Take a look in your own local area, you might find something similar.  In these times, aren’t we all looking for a quality value in food?

Goat Preps:

Our preps for the goats continue.  Jenn came up with a good effective way to put a sloped roof on our palette goat house.  We also found a way to recycle some metal struts from our old futon, and use it to create a raised platform for the goats to sleep on.  Apparently Nigerian Dwarf Goats are sensitive to moisture.  Fortunately, with this being the desert, that doesn’t come up much.  They like to sleep up off the ground, so that if the ground gets wet, they don’t.  Jenn also started cutting down the Oleander tree behind the goat house.  Oleander is poisonous to most animals that eat it, and the dead branches and leaves attract ticks.  Thus, its time in our yard is at an end.  The worst part is, with its toxicity I can’t even use it for hugel material.  I simply have to throw it away.  I should be able to put the roof on the goat house on Monday when I am off.

Here is the Oldeaner tree that needs cut down and disposed of.  We will be sad to lost the visual screen with the neighbors, but we will plant something else to replace it.

Here is the side frames of the goat house I built from reclaimed palettes.  It started life as a chicken coop, but I found a better design for that.  I just have to build up the front about a foot, then I can have a nice sloping roof for them.

Here is the inside.  Those black pieces were metal from a futon, now they will hold sleeping goat butts.  I just have to put a piece of wood over it all, then cover it with straw, and my little nigerian goats will sleep like babies.  Jenn gets full credit for coming up with this.

Paleo Portion:


1 cup of coffee with cream and cane sugar.

We had to cut the morning coffee ritual short since we were running out to the farmers market share.


Wildberry smoothie

Although not ideal, I was really hungry.  They made it with non-fat yogurt instead of ice cream, so it could have been worse, but could have been better.


Pork Chops

Goodie Salad w/ ranch


Dinner was basically what meat could be reached without digging through tons of veggies in the freezer.  Jenn made the pork chops in our toaster oven, they were tasty.  Goodie salad is all the tasty parts of the salad, like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers, without the lettuce.  We ran out of lettuce and said screw it.

Weight: 233