Today is a day we have been working towards here at the Ayers’ ranch for quite awhile.  Its the culmination of lots of work, and now we get to see some adorable little payoff.  Today our baby chickens will arrive via USPS.  I only threw that in since one of my co-workers gave me a wide eyed look, “You can MAIL CHICKENS?”.  So tomorrow, hopefully, I will have some cute pictures of baby chickens.  I am sure their continuing antics will be hilarious as well.

We ordered three different kinds of heritage chickens.  Heritage chickens are what we used to eat before the Brave New World of agriculture in the 1960s.  Hence the name, since they are the genetic legacy of a past era.  Broiler chickens are all hybrid crosses designed specifically to grow quick and not move around much.  Heritage chickens take longer to grow, but are not only much more self sufficient, but they taste a heck of a lot better too.  If you have never had pastured chicken, go eat some.  Its amazing.

Today is a busy day, so I am going to be pretty brief here.  We got three different kinds of heritage chickens.  Although we didn’t really take their numbers into consideration when we got them, we managed to get two fairly rare breeds of chickens.  If we get some roosters of the same breed, we could actually be helping to preserve an important genetic legacy of the world.

Buff Orpingtons:

These guys were originally developed in County Kent in England in the 1880s.  They are dual purpose meat and egg layers.  Very gentle, very friendly.  I have seen video of these guys running across a field to their owners when called.  Oh the antics that will ensue.


These guys come from Holland some time in the 20th century.  I will dig up the numbers another day, but they seem to be fairly rare.  Again, dual purpose meat and eggs.  This is a picture of a hen, since thats what we got.  However, the cornflakes rooster, is a welsummer.  They have bright beautiful green tails.

Salmon Favorelle:

These last guys we got basically on a whim.  We liked their feathery little feet.  Well it turns out they are very rare.  They are originally form 19th century Normandy in France.  Although exact numbers are hard to figure out, there appears to be less than 1000 of these birds left alive.  They are slowly coming back, but were almost wiped out.

Hippies tend to make such a big deal about animals going extinct.  Yet we have dozens of creatures on the edge right here.  Do we really want there to be only one breed of chicken left in the world?  What if they get sick?  We are doing what we can, and will continue to preserve that legacy.  If we forget where we come from, there is no telling where we will end up.

Paleo Portion:


One cup of coffee


Today at work I was incredibly hungry.  I have determined that I need to continue eating breakfast instead of trying to skip it.  I think I have more energy when I do.



Cottage Cheese

I broke down at work and bought some food.  It was good, but the grocery store near my store is super expensive.  Have to start taking food.



Zucchini and Yellow Squash Bake

Very, Very good.  The sausage was tasty, and the organic squash from the Market on the Move was amazing.