Yesterday the chickens arrived, and already they are loving their new home.  In fact, as I am writing this, one of them is already being shuttled around the house by my wife.  They are incredibly hilarious to just watch.  If you think about all of the goofy things that puppies and kittens do by themselves, picture what 15 little rambunctious buggers can get into with their sisters.

Here is the box our fifteen little babies arrived in yesterday.  In fact, we even scored an extra.  We aren’t sure what kind of chicken it is, but we do have 16 and not fifteen.  I had to include this after the priceless reaction of a friend of mine, yes, they do ship chickens in the mail.  Here is the proof.

We ordered ours from  I would totally do business with them again.  Their pricing was good, and their service was pretty good as well.  They forgot to send us a confirmation email, but once we pestered them about it, we got the info we needed.  Their site is great for gathering information on different kinds of chicken breeds as well.  If you thought chickens were just boring white birds, go check it out.

Here are our little babies inside their house.  They are tinged red from the heat lamp, so I will have to pull some out for some better pictures tonight.  The dark brown ones are the Welsummer chicks.  The yellow ones are the Orpington and Favorelle chicks.  In this picture I can’t identify which is which, so I will take better pictures tonight.  They were actually small enough to fit between the bars of the dog cage, so we had to line it with cardboard to keep them in place.  The thermometer in there lets us keep the temperature steady at 100 degrees where it needs to be.  The temperature gets lowered by 5 degrees every week until they grow feathers.  The irony of course is that by the end, it will probably be 100 outside.  Lastly, some puppy pee pads to absorb the chicken mess on the ground.

Thats me holding my very first baby chicken.  They are so tiny and adorable.  We were making sure all of them got held at least for a little while so they get used to human contact.  Of course, as in any bunch of brats, there are now 3 or 4 that will peck the others for attention, so they can sleep in Jenn’s hands.  Little boogers.

Also, if you like listening to birds singing, consider some chickens.  As little babies, they sing like little sparrows.  Its actually really pretty to hear, and very calming.  Is like having your own little chorus in the house.

Lastly, the most hilarious part of the new arrivals is the reaction of my dogs.  Maggie, also known as the Mother, will go in every 2.8 minutes to check on them.  If there is a loud peep, she goes to see.  If they get quiet, she goes to see.  She just stands there and huffs at them, to make sure they are OK.  Sasha, is deeply disturbed they are in her cage.  She thinks they conquered the cage in some kind of battle, so she is afraid of them.  Lastly, Chalupa doesn’t want to admit he loves them.  He sits in their room all day, but goes to investigate the cage when he thinks so one is looking.  He is their little guardian.  Its quite cute.

Will show off their food and water system tomorrow.

Paleo Portion:


3 eggs


Jenn made me an awesome lumber jack breakfast of some eggs and sausage with caramelized onions.  It kept me full all day, and was a much better way to go.




2 Chicken Legs

Cucumber, carrot and pepper salad w/ ranch

We ate some chicken legs in honor of receiving our chickens.  Simple baking with fresh garlic and rosemary.  Very good.

Weight: 236