Market on the Move:

Today was the day for market on the move.  Once again, the level of the produce was amazing.  We got 16 cucumbers, 16 squash, 17 green chili’s, 42 tomatoes, 2 cartons of grape tomatoes, and 2 honeydew.  All for a whopping $10.  I continue to love that place, and I look forward to going as often as possible.  Last week it was located more on our side of town.  This week, it was in the heart of central Tucson.  Lets just say, the crowd was different.  Last week it was hippies and college kids, this week was white trash and Mexicans.  Doesn’t really bother me, except Mexicans don’t know how to form a line.  At all.  They like to leave yard wide gaps between people.  So we discovered that it was worth $100 to us to cut in line.  Which is to say, we noticed that the members line was empty.  We had been planning on joining anyway, this just gave us an excuse.  So now we pay half price each week for our groceries.  If we go to 20 markets it pays for itself.  We also get to use the shorter line.  Which to me, is worth the money all by itself.

The Hawk:

While I was getting dressed this morning, I heard a yell.  Jenn called me out to the kitchen, where I was able to take this picture.

To put that in perspective, that is a really big bird occupying our little bird bath.  Since my camera sucks, I went to the internet for a second option.

As you can see from the caption, thats a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  The one in our yard had a fuzzy butt.  So I can either assume he was still a juvenile, or he was molting.   Either way, he hung out in the bird bath, pooped in it a few times, and left.  We got to watch him for about 10 minutes.


We had another loss last night.  One of our Salmon Favorelles passed away.  Judging from the symptoms, Jenn thinks its “Brooder Pneumonia”.  Its not contagious, but it can strike at any of our little peeps if their systems get weak.  Hopefully we won’t have anymore losses. We do have some more pictures of the babies.  Although, they might be blind now.

According to eye witness reports from the camera babe, the best way to make 14 peeps jump in unison is to take their picture.  At least now you can see the difference in all 3 breeds.  The brown ones are of course the Welsummer chicks.  The ones that look full on yellow, like the upper left chick in the top picture, are the Salmon Favorelles.  Lastly, the almost orange-y ones are the Orpingtons.  They are growing little tail feathers, and starting to have more of a shape.  They are still adorable.

Paleo Portion:


With the market on the move, there was no time to eat.  So I took a little leftover sirloin roast and ate it on the way to work


Nothing, but I was getting hungry.


Yellow squash



Tomatoes stuffed with Monterey Jack

Green Chilli’s stuffed with Monterey Jack

Sirloin Steak

OMG.  Dinner was amazing.  We grilled everything except the chilli’s and tomatoes.  Those we did up in the toaster oven.  The green chillies were the absolute best ones I have ever had.  I am not always a fan of them, but these were epic. They went so well with the steak, its not even funny.

Weight: 235.