Blog Format:

The format is a going to be a little different this week.  At least I hope.  From May 14th through the 19th I will actually be in Florida as part of my company’s annual shindig.  I personally, hate being here.  I hate the food.  I hate corporate politics.  I hate being away from home.  I hate having to be a fake person.  I hate not getting to play with my baby chickens for a week.  Last but not least, I hate not being able to write all week.

So this year I got smart.  Assuming I don’t somehow fall down in the middle of the task, and forget to come back and edit this out of existence, I will have written 5 tribal philosophy articles to fill the gap.  Thanks to the miracle of word-press time delay, they still show up everyday.  So hopefully this will be a good time to flesh out what I believe, without daily duties distracting me.

I hope you all enjoy.  Thanks for reading.