Still difficult to put together a cohesive narrative, so just going to jot down some things I saw this week.

Paleo Lunch:  there is no such thing.  Breakfast you have Bacon, eggs, sausage, dairy products, maybe even fruit.  Dinner, you have meat product and veggies.  For these meals, even when not trying, you can stumble onto paleo.  Not lunch.  They get you every time, sandwiches, pasta, cookies, even salads are corrupted with stuff.  Is it still even a salad with 10 pounds of fries on it?

Power of groups:  There is an energy that emits from a group of people.  Call it a mob mentality if you want, but you can physically feel it.  When sitting in our big conference room with all of my division, I tried to be unimpressed.  Yet by the end, I wanted to grab a torch, march forth and do battle.   Its a powerful feeling.  It really is good to get out with your fellow man.  We gain strength together.  You can sign any petition online you want, but until you March shoulder to shoulder, you will never be part of the group.

Cheap Swag:  If you run a company, don’t give away cheap shit.  If you tell me I get an official NFL shirt, don’t make it look like a Chinese guy printed it in his trunk.  Its just annoying to your people.

We are better together:  I have had the misfortune to see at least one half of a great many couples that treat each other like shit.  Men, love your wives.  Women, respect your husband.  If you think life is too short to spend your drinking or call of duty time with your woman, think how long it will be with no one by your side.  Only a fool ignores the great strength created by having your wife by your side, and you are a blind fool if you think shacking up is the same thing.  

Travel: I fly home tomorrow, and I hate it.  So everyone pray for clear skies.