No rest for the wicked, I had to hoof on back to work today.  My team did a great job while I was away, so I have the stress relief of being able to no worry about my store while I am away.  The sales continued as needed, and the store looked great.  Best of all, none of them can read this, so you know its legit.

I didn’t have much chance to work on any tribal projects today with work and all.  Sunday’s feel like the worst days, since even though they are short, they never feel like I have time at home around them.  Jenn did make me a totally paleo awesome dinner while I was at work, which was awesome.  I will detail that below.

Freezing Vegetables:

I mentioned yesterday our need to store some of the 10,000 pounds of peppers that we got.  I glossed over the process, but I figured I would spell it out, as it can be very useful if you like to use seasonal produce.  All you have to do is buy lots of something when its in season, and you can store it until later.  Frozen isn’t quite as good as fresh, but its a hell of a lot better than store bought frozen.

To freeze your own veggies so that there is minimal loss in flavor, just follow along.  First prep your veggies.  Cut them into desired portion sizes, and remove all seeds.  For the peppers Jenn basically cut them in half, but you can size according to your future needs.  Blanch them quickly by dropping them in boiling water for just a moment or two, then cool them down in an ice bath to stop them form continuing to cook.  This helps to keep the flavor in.  It also coats them in water so they freeze faster.  Then lay them out in a single layer on a metal sheet, and put in the freezer until frozen.  Once frozen, just dump into a freezer bag, and viola.  Home made frozen veggies.

To Do List:

My To Do List keeps growing.  With my chickens growing so fast, I have to get their coop done soon.  We will also be bringing our goats home on Wednesday, so I have to build their feeder.  I plan on building that tomorrow, I will post some pictures when I am done.

Paleo Portion:


Coffee with cream and sugar and Kahlua.

We were really busy doing stuff, so I didn’t get to eat.  I do want to know though, how did it take me this long to realize Kahlua is AWESOME in coffee.


1 bag cashews

1 Odwalla Juice

Since I am doofus and forgot my HUGE bag of almonds at home, I had to improvise.


Huge portion Paleo Lasagna

Jenn made awesome Paleo Lasagna.  It was super yummy, and it was great to come home from work to.  I will put the recipe below, go make it.  Trust me.  Obviously with not being able to eat starches, pasta is forbidden, with this you don’t even miss it.

Yellow Squash

Pablano Peppers

Ricotta Cheese

Home Made Tomato sauce

Ground Beef

Colby Jack

Like any lasagna, its all about layers.  Slice up the squash, and salt it to draw out the water.  It might take awhile, but it will keep the end result from falling to pieces.  Layer the pan as follows, yellow squash on the bottom, meat and sauce next, ricotta cheese, pablano peppers then coat the top with colby jack.  It awesome, and you won’t miss the pasta.

Weight: 235.  Lost the 5 Florida pounds in 3 days.