Whose goal is it actually to wake up every day, haul yourself off to a cubicle, and slave into a keyboard for your entire day?  You are interrupted only by the wonderful spectacle of a meeting, or a interminable phone call.  Did you really wake up one day and say “I would love to travel so much, my own mattress is the strange one?”  In my case, at what point did I decide that the pinnacle of my own evolution was to put on a polo shirt, some khakis, and pin my name to my chest above my heart.

How I have lived for 12 years

How I have lived for 12 years

Its the lure and appeal of security that call us in.  You know whats expected of you, you know the rules of the game, and you know at the end of the day, you will get some kind of paycheck.

So how is that security working out for everyone these days?  Who goes to work and thinks, I will be here every day until I retire at 65 and sit at home and live off of my retirement and social security.

I sure didn’t, and if I had, I probably would have had to kick my own ass for thinking that way.  Yet looking to recreate all of your income at once can be incredibly daunting.

Fortunately, I found an awesome book that can help guide you on the path to starting your own business.  Microbusiness Independence by Anna Hess


Fortunately, right about when I was at my most frustrated, I heard Mark Hamilton on the Survival Podcast talking about how he had started up his own small business with his wife, and having been using it to support their homesteading lifestyle.  For the lofty cost of $.99 on kindle, I decided it was worth taking a peek at.  If you have ever had a desire to work for yourself, even just part time, you should to.

I have to say, it was phenomenal.  Not only does the author, Anna Hess, guide you step by step through how they started their own business, but she inspires you as to why you want to start one.  Anna never makes it sound easy to start a business, but she does make it sound achievable by everyone.

I have always had two issues with business books.  The first is that they are always about the pursuit of money.  Now, I love money, I have some, I hope one day to have more.  Yet more importantly, I want a lifestyle.  I don’t want to pour my soul and 50 hours of my week into something that I hate.  One of Anna’s biggest selling points for starting a business is that it grants you the lifestyle.

The second issue I have had, is that they are always presenting a business model that I will never follow.  I am not going to go cold call.  I am not going to scavenge clothes at a yard sale and sell them on Ebay.  What I would love to do is come up with a great product or service that I can work on with my wife, and build something I believe in.  This book addresses how to do that.

A Must read if you want to start a business.

A must read if you want to start a business.

I really liked this book, clearly, since I dedicated my second blog post back on the job to talking about it.  I felt it only fitting, since if I hadn’t read this book, I wouldn’t be writing at all right now.  I think too often the barriers to starting a business are placed exclusively in our own minds, and if we thought about it this way, we would all be working for ourselves, at least part of the time.