My wife and I discovered a quick lesson in business yesterday, and not only is it important to all of those of us starting an online business, but its an important life lesson as well.  No one person can do everything that they need to survive.  Thus if we have any chance of accomplishing our goals, we need at least family, and more than likely, extended community as well.

Where does Facebook come in?  Because Facebook proves there is exponential growth in reaching out to others, and that lesson carries to other avenues.  When you start a Facebook page to accomplish something, do you setup the page, and just let it sit there?  Do you hope that it turns up on search engines?  Do you write great articles and just let em sit on a server somewhere hoping that are found?

Hell No!!

You get out there and find other people in a similar space and introduce yourself.  This is what I’m doing, I hope you like it, I like what you are doing. Lets both of us pool our audiences so we can both accomplish more of what we want together.  Together we are strong than the sum of our parts.  That’s the basis for strength in a community, in business, and in life.

How many preppers or homesteaders out there think they can store or grow every single thing they need to eat, and they don’t need any help from anyone else?  Common quotes include, “I have 100,000 rounds for my AR, I will be fine.”  “I have 5 years of Mountain House stored, I can last through anything.” “How many acres do I need to grow 100% of my own food?”

What these people fail to account for is day 2 of their scenario, they break an ankle and can’t move for a few days.  Done.  Even Cody Lundin isn’t making it if you break both his legs, or give him a fever of 104.  We need other people to survive and thrive.  As represented by this lonely mountain shack.  This person is clearly on their own.

Mountain shack

Or, you can reach out to the community, work with those around you, and achieve something like this.

farming community

Which of these two scenarios has a higher chance of working out long term?

Reach out to the people around you now, while it still easy.  Build that support web now.  The mountain isn’t going to come to you.  People aren’t going to show up at your door and acknowledge you as in charge.  Your can’t build a business by scribing or stacking widgets in the corner, you have to get out there with people.  Reach out.  Start Conversations.  Take food to your neighbours.  Volunteer in your community.  We as people are so much stronger than the sum of our parts, and the moment we admit we can’t handle everything by ourselves, we might actually be able to start handling everything together.