If you are reading this post, I am assuming you know more about how chickens produce eggs than my minions at work, but some of their questions would probably make you laugh.

So like anyone else with more than two chickens per person, I have an excess of eggs.  Now this is a great thing, so we share them with our neighbours, friends and the guys that I work with.  Now we don’t charge people for them, it really isn’t worth it to on this small scale.  I view it as one of the ways I minister.  What better way to spread the message about real foods and health than to plop some real healthy food down into someones lap.  No one can argue that way.

I have learned a few interesting things about eggs and laying though, that maybe you didn’t know either.

How do your chickens lay without a rooster?  That was one from work.  They lay just fine without a rooster, but the hens can brood till doomsday, and no babies are coming.

Do roosters lay too? Also from work.  Just letting that one go.

How many eggs do you get?  From our flock of twelve, we get anywhere from 2 to 9 eggs a day, with most days getting about half a dozen.

Two things that I personally learned since getting chickens are these.

First, chickens stand up to lay.  When you see hens sitting in the nest box, they are just waiting.  When they actually are laying, they stand up and lean back and push.  I know this from peeking at one, and I wish I had my camera at the time, because it was really interesting.

Home Made egg

The other things I learned, is that not only does each breed lay a different type of egg, but each chicken actually lays unique looking eggs.  Those little bumps, splotches and marks aren’t random.  They are actually like a fingerprint for each girl.  So most days we know not only which breed our eggs came from, but which girl.  If I get a chance, I actually thank the girl that laid me my breakfast.

If you want to know more about how chickens make eggs, there is a great article here to go and read.  I thought about pulling some of his information for this post, but it ended up just being copied, so why bother?  It talks a lot about how eggs are actually formed, and I thought it was really cool, you might too.  For as long as we have had our chickens, I am still learning new things about them, and I love it.