Well, for some reason today my mental wheels were just sliding all over the road, and I was having trouble putting a coherent thought together on paper.  That happens to everyone some days I guess.  So instead of trying to force out what would undoubtedly be a disjointed narrative, I figured I would just do some quick follow up from some experiments we started in the last few weeks.

The first, the chicken feed experiment is working out great.  The girls are loving their food.  In fact we got a little behind with making it, and ran out of it for a few days.  The girls were loud and strident in letting us know that was not OK.  Our feeding routine of one show box a day supplemented with other stuff for the nutrients is doing quite well.  The best part of all is that the girls are starting to put on some weight.  They had been so skinny up until recently, it was actually kind of worrying.  Now they are finally growing up, and filling in.  This should make the remaining cold a lot easier to handle for them.  Jenn and I went to Costco yesterday and got 50lbs of dry ingredients for them for about $30.  Which will of course be much more than 50lbs once cooked.  So far, a great way for hens to go.

The second, is my lacto fermentation experiment.  The good news is that it is fermenting.  I waited about 4 days to taste the mixture, and it was considerably tangier than just cabbage, water and salt should account for, so it is working.  The bad news is that I don’t really like the taste yet.  It’s not something I would just dive right into willingly, but I could eat it as medicine if I had to.  It’s a first experiment, so I consider it a victory that I was able to get it to ferment at all.  Taste can be fine tuned later.

I do know for sure that I didn’t use enough salt.  Having more salt in the mixture might solve the flavor issue by itself, but the cabbage still isn’t releasing its juice as fast as they say it should.  The other issue is that I used canning jars to store it in, but I just used paper towels to cover, not lids.  This means my liquid keeps evaporating and I have to refill it.  Not the end of the world, but its probably not doing wonders for the fermentation process.

So one experiment is a clear victory, and one is working, but not as well as I hoped.  Pretty good record.  Hopefully I will be back at 100% tomorrow, and I will try to lay out something more informational.