I have found that my best homesteading lessons come from the things I was sure wouldn’t work.  So my best posts tend to be about things that I was sure wouldn’t work, and then my discovery that they do indeed work for you.  My first real knowledge exposure to essential oils came from listening to a podcast on them.  Of course my wife had already learned a good deal about them, and we decided to add a few to our house herbal stock.  At first, I don’t mind saying, I was sceptical that they would do anything.  I am also not going to sit here and say that they will cure any and everything that ails you, but they are yet another powerful tool to have available to you.

Where to get your oils:

As with quite a bit of natural medicine, there are a lot of snake oil people mixed in with the real herbalists.  You can get your oils in lots of places, but I personally would recommend either Western Botanicals or Julie Behling’ Essential Survival for you oil needs.  These are not affiliate links of any sort, I don’t get any money if you click them.  They are simply good companies that I would have no problem recommending that you work with.  They will give you knowledge and good service.

What to look for:

There is one big red flag to look for when determining if you should purchase an essential oil. Look at the bottle, and see if it says “For external use only”.  If it does, its lower quality.  Real essential oil was meant to be able to be ingested into your body.  That’s how you receive the benefit from almost anything.  So if the bottle says external only, its the stuff designed for massage purposes.  That doesn’t make it entirely useless, but you can do better for sure.

Which oil does what –

The first thing I noticed when trying to learn about essential oils, is that they all appear to do everything.  We are so used to medicines that treat only one thing, usually while causing many others.  Oils aren’t like that, and nature isn’t like that.  Nature approaches each situation as a whole.  So while there are tons of great resources online for you to learn what oils to use, I would suggest trying the out.  You may react differently than everyone else, and that’s OK.

The 4 Essential – Essential oils:

Eucalyptus – I can’t say enough good things about having eucalyptus oil in the house.  I have used it quite a bit lately, and it is very effective.  Eucalyptus is the stuff that lets Hall’s cough-drops clear out your sinuses.  So a great way to keep your breathing open during allergy season is to dab a little of it inside your nose.  It keeps my breathing clear for quite awhile.  It also is good on infections, so when my ear starts to bother be, I dab a little around the outside, and it helps to keep my ear canal open.

Cedar Oil –  I am a huge fan of cedar oil.  It has about a dozen uses that it can be good for, including anti septic properties, but I have never used it on a wound.  For me, I love cedar oil because it is a sedative.  I am by nature a high stress person, and I occasionally go off the deep end with things.  Dabbing a little cedar oil around my face and neck provide quite a bit of relaxation.  I don’t even mean in the aromatherapy sense.  I mean I can actually feel my muscles unclench.  Will always have this one.

Orange Oil – Due to the high stress nature, I tend to have some digestive issues as well.  Orange essential oil is a great cure for many of those symptoms.  Mainly it is a way to reduce and prevent gas pain from forming in your stomach and intestines.  Also, its not an oil, but if your stomach pains you, taking Fenugreek is a great addition to your herbal regimen. It works wonders.

Tea Tree Oil – As I have mentioned in previous posts, my skin is absolutely horrible.  Always cracking, or getting rashes etc.  Tea Tree Oil is amazing when applied to any skin ailments.  It will help clear them up, and heal them over in relatively short order.  It also smells amazing, and has a great cooling feeling.

So these are the first four essential oils I recommend adding to your medicine cabinet, as they have worked for me.  More importantly than taking my recommendation though, is get out and try it on your own.  Test them, use them, and heal yourself.  What have you go to lose?