Does your stomach hurt?  Maybe not right now, but more than your feel it should?  For some reason it seems like if you live in America, your stomach probably pains you regularly.  Most of the people I know and work with realize that my wife and I are into natural cures for anything we can.  The most common questions we get revolve around stomach ailments of one shape or another.  It seems like so many people have these issues.

Fortunately for everyone involved, my wife and I have struggled off and on with digestive issues pretty much our entire lives, so we do have some good advice that we can pass along.  Its amazing looking back how simple the cures turn out to be when you have lived with it for so long.  You will start to wonder, why didn’t I do this sooner?  So here are five things that we have found to be effective for us, and all of them are inexpensive things you can try.  If you try some of them, let us know if they worked for you.  I would love to be able to use you as another success story.

Gluten Free – I am putting this one first, because the others will merely treat the symptoms this one creates.  If you have read my blog archives, you know I have gone paleo, which cuts out gluten.  The change in my stomach has been phenomenal.  Even as a high stress individual, I still feel so much better without gluten in my diet.  My wife, who is actually allergic to gluten, has seen her life change dramatically without it.

I am not going to go long with this one.  If you want to full details on why gluten is bad check out The Paleo Solution by Rob Wolf.  He is very detail and scientific in his approach.  If you want something more basic, go read my older posts on my conversion.  The short version is that the gluten in wheat, and many other grains, is an irritant and a toxin to your body.  It offers nothing to you, and takes away a lot.  So if you have long running digestive issues, I urge you, cut out wheat for 30 days.  If you don’t feel better, come back and call me a fool.  But I know that if you actually remove gluten, and stick to it, for that long, you won’t regret it.

Fenugreek –


This is one I mentioned in passing yesterday, and I have had a lot of success with recently.  Its an herb cultivated pretty much through out Asia, and its known primarily for increasing hormone levels in both men and women.  I didn’t actually notice that affect, however, its secondary use is calming the stomach, and it did a great job with that.  My pain went away within just a few days of using it, and it never came back while I was taking it.

Activated Charcoal –


This one was actually introduced to me by our first neighbours in Tucson when I was sick with food poisoning for literally 5 days.  Not going to go into details, but it was bad.  They hooked me up with a bottle of it, and it helped almost immediately.  It has had a permanent home in our medicine cabinet ever since.  Activated charcoal basically absorbs the negative things around it.  So if you have food poisoning or heartburn, just toss a few of these babies in there.  They will absorb the bad stuff.

Shatavari –


Shatavari is another Indian herb, actually from the same family as asparagus.  Its primary use is also hormonal balance and reproductive health in women and men.  However, its also good for just about any condition in which the body and the mind are depleted and out of balance, such as heartburn, indigestion, etc.  I haven’t taken this without the Fenugreek, so its hard to say which is the most effective, but taking them together was certainly effective.

Probiotics –

This is probably the most well known on the list, because its been picked up by mainstream medicine a little.  Mainly, your guts are filled with bacteria, and they should be.  The issue is that the foods we eat are processed and dead, so the bacteria don’t replenish.  We also take antibiotics for everything, which carpet bombs bacteria in the body, both good and bad.  So pick up some of these and they will start to rebuild your guts.  If you want the free approach, start lacto fermenting your own food.  That process creates probiotics, which was exactly why I started learning how to do it.