I feel a deep sense of irony in my subject matter today, since this entire posting was brought on by watching a commercial that annoyed me last night.  Now that’s ironic given my post yesterday about how we should all watch less TV.  I stand by that, but as I said, I still watch TV, just less than the average.

So I was watching “Kitchen Nightmares”, which is definitely a trash TV guilty pleasure of mine, and Chef Ramsey just got done berating a restaurant owner who was serving nothing but frozen food.  Chef smashed the stuff on the table, and yelled at him “The first rule of cooking, fresh is better”.  As someone who loves to cook, and eat, I couldn’t agree more.

Immediately after that line, the show cuts to commercial.  Which is the V8 fusion Rip Van Winkle commercial, it’s only about fifteen seconds long if you haven’t seen it.  At first I watched it and I just rolled my eyes, then my blood started to boil.  V8 is basically saying, oh yeah, just drink our juice, its the same as eating vegetables.  Go run the veggies they use through a juicer and taste it, tell me it tastes the same as their product.

There is another one that I haven’t seen for awhile, which is for Pediasure sidekicks.  Basically the girl is playing soccer, and the other kids turn into the foods they are eating.  She drinks a bottle of Pediasure and whoops their butts.  Somehow not turning into a giant Pediasure bottle seems like an unfair advantage against the french fry kid.

So how do those tie in to chef Ramsey?  He was a convenient vehicle for describing my point.  Fresh food is the best.  We all know this to be true, yet somehow we get that point clouded up.  We have skyrocketing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  All of these are going off the charts in the last two generations.  Do we think that might have something to do with the processed crap we eat now?

It’s bad enough when we as adults lie to ourselves and eat horrible food, but now we are passing that on to our children.  Rather than building the basics for lifetime good nutrition, we are teaching them to reach for a magic bottle just as we do ourselves.  You don’t have to actually eat well, just down a bottle of this stuff with your hotdog and you Mac and Cheese and it will be fine.  What life skills is that teaching the next generation?

Real solutions don’t come from a quick fix bottle, especially when it comes to our health.  In the bible it refers to your body as a temple, and should be kept holy.  We are  a complex machine, that needs to be kept healthy, but the solution is to eat good whole foods, not to look for the elixir bottle.

I do realize simply by the nature of the fact you are reading this on a homesteading blog, and you probably found me through the homesteading community, that you already know this.  None of this is surprising to you, yet there is still value in studying the opposition.  This is the world we live in now, and in order to spread our message, we need to remember where the others are coming from, so we can talk to them where they are.  Otherwise, we will never change anyone’s mind.  Having good results is important, but being able to spread the message successfully is the key.