Normally the sequence of my posts doesn’t matter much, but if you are reading this, and haven’t read yesterday’s post about a sales mindset, you should go back and read that one first.  That one was the call to action and mindset change, this is some actual tools and tips you can use to boost the sales of any business you have started.  Remember, it’s your business, and the key to your business is you.  You are the only thing you do that can’t be replaced or outsourced, so leverage the crap out of you.

Social Media is the new communication:

When was the last time you received an email that was critically important?  In the last 6 months, I have only received 1 email that I didn’t initiate, that was important, from a non-family source.  I am clearly in the majority, look how every email box company in the universe talks about how great their spam folders are.  How many e-marketing books have you read where the goal is to build a big robust email list?

Why?  What does that email accomplish for you?  It gets you chucked off into a spam folder never to be heard from again.  You just went through all the time and effort to convince someone to connect with you so you can squander the opportunity to talk to them.  People communicate on social media now.  That’s where you need to engage them.  It bridges the gap between advertising, which is one way, and a conversation, which is two ways.  You want to be able to engage your customers, hear back from them, and find out how you can serve them better.  Most importantly, you need to make it easy for them to do your hard work for you and spread your message.

Everyone needs a business card:

Whatever it is that you do, you clearly like doing it, or you would choose something else.  I am willing to bet that comes up in conversation when you are out and about in the world.  So you have just done a great job of pitching your widgets to me, and our conversation is at an end.  Which of these two is more likely to work?

Yeah, go check out my blog.  Its


I would love to hear from you again on my site.  Here is my card.  I will be on later today around 5, hop on and say hi.

Bam.  You hand them a card.  In their mind you just went up a level in professionalism.  You have taken the burden off of them for remembering the long site name.  You should also have all of your social media outlets listed on there so they can interact with your community.  Most people, with the best intentions in the world, won’t remember your site name until they have been there a few times.  Help them give you money.

Business cards don’t have to be expensive, or super flashy, just functional.  You can get 250 of them for “free” at vistaprint if you are willing to subject yourself to lots of ads.  Then you just pay $6 for the shipping.  Go order some today, and always have a few with you.  You never know when you need one.

Have a specific call to action in mind:

The purpose of all sales is to get someone else to do something you want them to do.  Whether its buy a product, like a Facebook page, comment on a forum, etc.  The first step to getting someone to accomplish that mission, is to know what you want them to do, and work towards that all the time.  Do you want people to Like your Facebook page?  Then work on that today, and nothing else.  Do you want to sell bars of soap?  Try to close as many bars as you can.  Do you want people to spread your page to others?  Do that.

There is a tremendous power in clarity and focus.  If you focus on one things, you will make it happen.  If you focus on 10 things, you will probably accomplish none of them.  That’s why multitasking is a myth by the way.  Its not possible to work on more than one thing at once.  Try multi tasking while cleaning your house.  You start 10 things and finish none.  Its a whole lot of work to accomplish nothing.

Sell a want, not a need:

This runs exactly counter to every sales book you have ever read, I can guarantee it.  They almost all think you should sell a need.  After all, if somebody needs something, they have to buy it right?

Well yes they do, but when someone is forced to do something, they look for the absolute cheapest way to get it done.  They are mad they have to do it, and it becomes all about the price.  Don’t believe me?  You have to eat right?  Go follow around a broke college kid and see what he eats.  Tell me ramen, beer and hot dogs aren’t involved here.  Do you want to try selling him on a grassfed beef burger with a free range egg on top?

When somebody wants something, they will do everything in their power to keep it, because to cut back is admitting defeat.  How many broke people keep their cable and can’t pay their mortgage?  My wife was in collections, its more than you think.  They will sacrifice the needs to keep the wants, so be a want.

Hopefully you found some of these helpful in looking at your business.  I actually have a couple more, but I am going to save those for tomorrow, as its time for my day to get rolling.  Get out there today and call some new customers to action.