We all need water to both live, and to function in a polite society that possesses the sense of smell.  So it be-hooves us to have at least  little stored water on hand just in case.  The just in case doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  Water mains used to break fairly regularly in Pittsburgh when we lived there.  Also, my wife and I lived in a trailer for two years, and one of those two, the heat tape was broken and we didn’t realize it.  So the water froze.  A lot.  Let me tell you, melting snow on the stove in order to flush your toilet is not fun.  So whether you live in the desert or not, have at least a small stash on hand, just in case.


How much you decide to store is really up to you.  According to the Mayo clinic, the average man needs to drink 3 liters of water a day, and the average woman needs 2.2 a day in order to stay healthy.  Thats just to drink.  Do you need water to cook?  How are you going to wash?  How are you going to flush the toilet?  What about laundry or dishes?  I don’t have any hard and fast rules on these, but that’s what you want to think about.

I do have to put this in here though, because some people will think about it too much.  Water doesn’t go bad.  No really, it doesn’t, no matter what the state of New Jersey tells you, old water is fine.  Don’t put bleach in it .  Don’t worry about it.  If stored in a clean container in a normal place, your water will be fine, so quit worrying about it.  Once you start storing some, just rotate it out every once in awhile and you won’t even have the stale taste.

So how do you store it?

Well, you could go the dumb ass route and get a water brick.  Its only $532 to store 112 gallons of water.  It will be conveniently stored in a big ass immovable object that’s so heavy you probably have to reinforce your house to hold it up, not to mention rotating it will be difficult since its not convenient to get to.  I have a better way.

Do you know any guys in your life?


Even if you don’t drink pop, you know someone that does.  Pop drinkers don’t drink pop occasionally.  They drink pop a LOT.  I bet if you ask nicely, they will hook you up with more pop bottles than you can handle in short order, for free.  Just wash em out real good and you got a strong storage bottle.  The plastic in pop bottles has to stand up to the acid inside, so they tend to be tougher than say a milk just.  Also, the lids screw on very tight to hold in the pressure, so dropping one won’t make it explode.  Ta da, instant free storage.

What’s that?  You want the water brick because its modular and stacks so you can store it better?


You never worked at Wal Mart.

If you want the flats, just drive behind a Safeway, they usually just have em laying out back there, or just lay the bottles on their side.  They will be fine.

So that’s you free and easy water storage option.  Free to get, easy to fill, and easy to rotate.  Just take one down every once in awhile and cook with it, or water the plants, then refill it.  That way you have it when you need it.