I had actually had something completely different in mind for writing today, but I got side tracked when I saw a story floating around on some of our friend’s Facebook pages.  The state of South Carolina, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided to uphold a law making it legal to buy raw milk.  You can read the whole thing here, if you haven’t seen it already.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good that the residents of South Carolina still have this option.  A good friend of our’s runs a milk share program here in the Tucson area, and I am very glad it is legal in the state of Arizona (as well as Washington and Idaho).  I think raw milk is excellent for your health, and it happens to be delicious when its not harvested in the hot as hell part of the summer here.  Yet this article still made me angry instead of happy.

I am not invasive

I am not invasive

We have seen so much in the news in recent months and years about the raw milk struggle, or the Michigan DNR pig fiasco, or front yard gardens, etc.  We are doing things we know to be right in the universe, but we are being punished by those aligned against us, that for whatever reason, feel they have the right to dictate whats going on in our lives.

Bulldoze this

Bulldoze this

So we decide that we have had enough.  We band together to fight for a woman who has had her front yard garden destroyed without her consent by a busy body city.  For a person who had their car towed because it was too old and run down to stay in the driveway.  For the person that wants to send a hand-packed lunch to school instead of buying a plate of processed crap.  We get angry. make signs, make phones calls, all in the hopes of GETTING SOME RANDOM BUREAUCRAT TO AGREE WITH US.

These mind numbed functionaries think of you as little children, and they are the enlightened adults that know best what you should do in your own life.  By constantly trying to fight these things in the court systems, we are agreeing with them.  We have ceded our rights to someone that doesn’t deserve them.  They are not our superiors, they are only men and women.  Men and women who feel the need to regulate everything in your life so you conform to a little gray mold and in the end we will all be the same.

So what do we do?

Stop looking to the government and the courts to say something is OK.  If you want to drink raw milk, go get a damn cow and drink it.  If you can’t own one, find someone who does.  Cows make a ton of milk, trust me, there is some laying around somewhere.  Go buy it or barter for it.

You want a front yard garden?  Go plant the hell out of your front yard.  Build raised beds, plant fedges, plant fruit trees.  Plant as many sharp and prickly plants as you can along the edges, make sure that anyone coming in to trespass knows they just got beat up by a plant.

You want backyard chickens, go get you some chickens.  Build a nice coop in the backyard.  Share some eggs with your neighbours.  Offer them some chicken compost if they garden or have any trees.

We keep waiting for permission from mommy and daddy government to go out and live our lives.  They have only as much power as we are willing to give them, and the moment we stand up and realize that, the sooner we will win.  Governments love nothing more than for us to isolate ourselves away from each other, because then we feel weak.  If there is one thing writing this blog, and running my Facebook page has taught me, it’s that we are not alone, and we are not weak.  If they wanna fight, we will give em one, and they will lose.

These governments that stand for so much petty parental interference aren’t even the vibrant monstrosities they were a few decades ago.  They are broke.  How many cities aren’t running a deficit each year?  How many aren’t laying off police?  Or working 4 days to keep the lights on?  Or turning off street lights to save power?  They literally cannot afford to be this petty.  They cannot afford to arrest all of us.  So stop worrying about whether your little crumb of freedom will be doled out from the bureaucracy, go out with the whole loaf, and hold it high.  Light a fire of freedom for everyone to see.  The most important thing you can do is live your life as a sovereign citizen of this grand republic, and that will make you freer than overturning any law or ordinance.