So I was facing a dilemma that just about everyone who reads this has faced, and I found some great tools that can help us all out.  So first, the situation.  We were looking to take a trip up to Idaho at the end of March, to check out the area together, find a place to live, oh, and celebrate our first week long vacation alone.  Ever.  So yeah, we were kind of excited about making that happen for ourselves.

The problem comes with our animals.  We have 12 chickens, who will need a sitter, which we got lined up.  We also have 3 dogs, who are not only older and need some special care, but they have been used to being home with my wife almost 24/7 for the last year.  We couldn’t just leave them.  They are dumb.  After 20 minutes they would think we were never coming back.  They need medicine and care.  Who would put eye drops in for them?  Ok, so some of that might be a mild over reaction, but I wouldn’t have felt right leaving them, as I am sure many of you wouldn’t either.

So now what?  How do you (easily) find a place to take you and your heard of puppies without killing themselves on fees.  Well, fear not.  We did the digging, and have three wonderful options for you and your furry travelling needs.

Craigslist – Ok, now I know this one is obvious, but it’s also a pain in the ass.  I almost passed it up if it wasn’t for a new good friend of ours at LaFountainFarms.  It really depends on the day you look.  I had looked a few times before for and not found anything useful, and written it off.  However, Lisa led me back there, and yesterday I found a ton of possible places to stay.  Craigslist has a magic key code that actually makes it work better.  It will unlock extra information about the listings.  You know what it is?  Ask the people for information.  People posting on Craigslist aren’t pros.  They might have forgotten to put something.  Even more, they might be willing to bend their rules if you just ask.

Side note – this is a larger life lesson too.  We are so afraid of rejection, we never ask for anything anymore.  I think this is why haggling is dead in the USA.  ASK.  The world opens up when you ask.  If you are polite, whats the worst thing that can happen? – I like this site a lot.  This is actually the site I used to find the cabin we are staying in.  It’s not geared around pets specifically, but it does have a pet friendly option built into the search menu.  To me, that was the best part of the site, was the ease of searching.  It was very easy to find places in the areas you wanted to stay in.  Once you found some, submitting an inquiry is painless.  On top of that, once you submit an inquiry, it automatically suggests six more options that are similar, and it remembers your inquiry and copies it over.  That made this site very easy to use, I would recommend it for sure.  Also, if you find the perfect place, and it doesn’t mention pets.  Ask.  Again, what does it hurt?


bringfido – This is a site that my wife actually found, and I think it’s great for looking for a hotel or motel situation that allows dogs.  We actually found a nice hotel right in Spokane that would have worked out nicely for us if we couldn’t find a cabin.  We just wanted something more secluded, and much more us, than a hotel.  Our whole goal for moving to Idaho is to get away from people, so staying right in a city isn’t so much of an option.  They did have cabins and other arrangements as well, but it was clearly geared towards hotels.

So there.  Next time you want to go somewhere, bring the puppy too.  They bring joy when you are at home, why wouldn’t they bring joy on a vacation.