I have actually moved across the country before, but I have to say, moving across the country with chickens ads a whole new level of crazy to the equation.  So am brain storming some ways to get them up there safely.  So I don’t really have anything concrete yet, but I will be sure to post up the complete specs and a bunch of pictures when I am done.  I haven’t really seen anything like what I am looking for before.  I sense a crazy customer contraption coming on.

So in terms of just getting them up there for the 2 day car trip, my lovely wife actually scored a great find on Groupon.  I tried to go find a picture, but I couldn’t with the groupon being sold out I think they pulled it.  Anyway, it was a dog kennel, that was basically combined with a child’s play area.  So it was secure enough to hold some dogs in, but it was more made with cloth than with metal bars.  This allowed it to expand out in a large square that would be way too hard to hold if it was the heavy metal.  They had these things for $30, so Jenn got two of em for us.  One for the dogs, and one for the girls.

We also have decided to downsize our flock, since transporting, and talking landlords into letting us stay, is easier with 8 instead of 12.  So our Welsummer’s are going to have to find a new home.  If you live in Southern AZ, and want 4 great laying hens, let us know.  They have actually gotten nicer since I wrote the book.  I think they saw themselves in print, and decided to change their ways.

So I at least have a way to transport them, but that kennel would last exactly two seconds outside with a coyote trying to get into it, which is fine, since we never planned on using it for an outdoor shelter.

Now I need something that I can take up with us, and I can setup in a hurry to hold the girls.  I am going to need both a coop and run that can collapse small enough to fit into the back of an SUV, but that will offer them at least rudimentary protection for a day or two until I can make it better.  I really don’t know how I am going to accomplish that yet.  I know I will think of something.  If any of you have seen a coop design that can easily move between yard and car, let me know in the comments.