Well, we finally took the plunge the other day, and got a new digital camera after more than 8 years with our Nikon Paperweight.  After thoroughly researching all of her options, Jenn selected a Panasonic Lumix SZ1 as the new camera.  With a twist of luck, we ordered it off of Amazon on Friday, and actually got it delivered on Saturday.  This worked out great, as we had a date day planned on Monday to go to the zoo.  So we got to test it out with lots of cool animal pictures.  Jenn says its an awesome camera.  I personally don’t get it, as I use my phone for all my shots.  However, even as a cheap ass its hard to object to a new camera every 8 years.

So we took a bunch of pictures, and then we got home, and I loaded them onto the computer.  In flipping through them, Jenn says they turned out great.  What I was thinking of though, is what would happen if my dependable little laptop finally died.  My laptop isn’t much newer than the camera replaced.  It’s more than 6 years old, although I am not sure exactly how much more.  I have greatly extended its life by putting Linux on it instead of windows, but sooner or later the hardware will fail.  When it fails, I don’t want to lose everything that we have built up and stored on here.  Not only are there lots of family pictures, but I also have all of our Tribal and business information on here as well.  I really don’t feel like starting from scratch on that stuff.

So what options does that leave me?

Well, I could go out and buy an external hard drive.  I might actually do that anyway, because my media center PC is getting very full, and it would be nice to take some of the strain off.  That still leaves a point of hardware failure though, and I am trying to avoid that.  So my option becomes to go with some cloud storage.  I have actually resisted the cloud computing idea for a very long time, because I am not very comfortable with storing my own information somewhere else.  In terms of a backup for pictures though, I guess it will work.

There are a bunch of options for cloud storage out there, and I look at a few of them to make the best choice, so I will just report back what I found for you.

Amazon Cloud Drive:


Amazon is pretty much my first choice for everything I can work out for them, so I went to see what they offered.  You get 5gb free, which is good, and you can pay a reasonable fee to expand it if you want.  I got stopped right at the door though, because they don’t support Linux.  I can’t use it without downloading an app, and I can’t.  So crud.



Good news.  Linux supporting, so I could use it no problem.  Bad news, they only give you 2 GB free.  You can expand this number by recruiting your friends to use it.  Each friend you recruit gives both you and the friend an extra 500mb up to a total of 17 gb.  So its not terrible, but I really didn’t feel like becoming a data storage MLM guy.  No thanks.

Google Cloud:


I have a definite love/hate relationship with Google.  I use their stuff a lot, but they are becoming an increasingly obnoxious company, much in the same vein as Apple.  Their service gives you 5 GB for free, and would probably do what I want.  The issue is that I logged in through my Gmail account, and couldn’t figure out how to upload anything.  I made a folder, and couldn’t figure out how to put anything in it.  Don’t have time for that crap, so screw it.  Moving on.

Microsoft SkyDrive:

SkydriveMicrosoft is a company that can’t figure out what it wants to be right now.  However, the Skydrive is my hands down winner.  I have had a hotmail account since sometime in the late 90s, and now they are offering cloud storage with that.  You get 7gb for free, and you can add 20gb more for a whooping $10 a year.  So good to go there.  More importantly, the organization is just like windows.  There is a big UPLOAD button, and once you hit it, you can just start shooting your files up there.  So if you are looking for cheap, easy home cloud storage options.  Go with Skydrive.