Tell me if you have heard something like this come up in your life before.

It’s 2013.  You are where you are after the great recession, and your life is squared away in some fashion.  You have the 9-5 M-F job, and you just don’t like it anymore.  You have 40k in the bank, and you wanna go live in an RV for a year and explore the country.  You tell your friends, because they are your friends, and you want their support.  So somewhere after they pick their jaws up off of the floor.  You hear a torrent of things like “You can’t leave now, the economy is terrible” “You have a steady job, how many people don’t have one” “You will wreck your life if you go off an do something crazy”.  Etc.  Dozens of objections on why this is a terrible idea.

Well how about this.

Think back a few years.  Maybe 2004ish time frame.  The economy is going great.  There is no worry on the horizon.  You have the 9-5 M-F job, and you don’t like it anymore.  You have the prospects for another high paying job.  You have the mortgaged house, white picket fence and everything is going great.  You have 40k in the bank, and you wanna go live in an RV for a year and explore the country.  You tell you friends.  They still freak out.  This time they say things like “You have a great job” “You have prospects to be VP” “You can retire at 50”.  On and on and on.

Wait a minute? When it was terrible you said not to do it.  When it was great, you said not to do it.  When the hell am I supposed to do something radical?

Well you aren’t.  At least not if you listen to your friends.  Your friends mean well, they really do.  They only want to see you wrapped tightly in the same insulating blanket as they are.  They don’t even realize that they are doing it.  In fact, if you told you friends AFTER you put in your two weeks and had bought the RV, they would probably be telling you how cool it sounded.

Your friends suffer from something called normalcy bias.  In fact, everyone does, but your definition of normal is different than mine.  It takes great courage and determination to break past the normalcy bias in your life, and the first step is to realize you have it.  They don’t, so they can’t help it.

This isn’t to say that you can’t ask your friends for advice and such with whatever you are doing.  In all likelihood they are great people, you just need to realize that they will never support you being different.  People tend to want others to be like themselves.  It makes them feel better about the choices they have made.  I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all drive around in an RV for a year.  No, that can’t be possible, so I have to keep everybody insulated here in the nest, that way no one gets hurt.

The world was never changed from inside a nest, so get out there and fly.