We all have that person that has so heavily influenced what you are doing, that you would just love to meet them.  Not quite the same as calling them your hero or anything, but pretty close.  For example, as a student of permaculture, I would absolutely be tickled to death to be able to meet Geoff Lawton.  I wouldn’t even be able to ask him any questions, I would just giggle, blush, and kick at the dirt.  Because for me, it would absolutely be a star struck moment.  You have someone like that too, so don’t pretend otherwise.

It was even worse before.  Since I am so new in general to this homesteading thing, my icons were even more reachable, yet I had the same reaction.  I have also been blessed to get to interact with some of them.  In fact, I sold a book to an icon of mine simply by sending him an email.  That was absolutely the coolest moment of my young writing career was seeing his reply.  I hadn’t even expected a response, because I know he is incredibly busy.  Instead I got a response and a sale.

In watching some interactions that happen around me, this has taught me two things in the last few weeks.

First, your hero’s are people just like you.  In fact, if they have any kind of soul at all, they have hero’s too.  For as much as I would be awkward around Geoff Lawton, there is someone out there that he would be just as awkward around.  Now, I have no idea who that is, but you know it’s someone.  No one is immune to this kind of admiration.  It’s best to keep these kind of things in mind, because it’s good to remember your hero’s are human, just like you.

The other, is that as you become more successful in whatever it is that you do, you must always remember your humble origins.  You cannot become too busy for your friends, or you will promptly find yourself smashing to earth.  One day there will be someone who will be blushing for the chance to talk to you, and not know what to say.  When that happens, remember your roots.  Jesus told us “As you do unto the least of my brothers, thus you do unto me”.  That applies to everyone you meet.  Treat all of your friends as if they are the most important ones, because they are.  Without a community and a network around you, you are nothing.