Quick post today, but one that is immensely powerful, if used correctly.  I just got smacked in the face with a hard lesson, and it’s one that just about everyone can benefit from at some point.  We will create the results that we set out to create, by being intentional.  There is no accidental success.

Ok, so you read the High English version of that, what the heck am I talking about?

Well, it’s best to use an example.  I started this blog in January.  I had the intention of writing a post everyday, so I did.  In February, we started seriously planning our move, and I wanted some time to be able to assist with the moving stuff, so I dropped to five posts a week.  In March, we switched our plans from moving to ID, to moving to KY.  This threw my brain for a loop, and I allowed myself to be less intentional with my writing.

So what’s the result?

In the eight days so far this month I have produced only 4 posts, counting this one today.  That’s unacceptable to me.  So how did I allow this to happen?

I stopped being intentional with it.  I stopped waking up everyone morning saying, “First quality thing I do today will be to write a quality blog.”  I allowed myself to think, “I will interact with my community this morning, and if I get a good idea, I will write it down”.  Well, you can see how well that worked out.  I am not producing anything good, bad or indifferent.  That’s no way to live a life, or start a business.  You don’t stumble into success.

What’s the larger lesson here?  Well, we create the results we set out to create.  Apply this lesson to a more worthy goal than my own musings.

You don’t like how you look, so you set out a goal to lose weight.  What holds more power?  Getting up everyday and saying, well, if I lose  pound today, that would be awesome, we will see how it goes.  -or- Today I am going to resist eating any bread or deserts, and I am going to lose a pound.  The second one of course.  You have a specific action to take that will create your result.

Let’s try again.  I don’t like where I live now, or my current job.  I hope I can find something better -or- Today I am going to read two chapters in this book on job hunting, and apply to one new job.  Again, second one is more powerful, and will generate results.

This is a fitting topic for a Friday, because it is the end of the week.  We get to look back at all the stuff we wish we had accomplished in the last 5 days, and often it’s less than we wished.  Did you approach the week with power, or did you let it happen to you?  This week, I let my blog happen to me, and it shows.  Next week, I am going to happen to it, and the quality will show.

How about you?  Did you happen to your week, or did you let your week happen to you?  If you let it happen to you, how much did you really get accomplished?