Thanks to some creative scheduling at work, and my assistant’s desire to be off on Thursday, I scored a last minute extra day off this week.  Since my body is used to getting up early and going to work on Wednesday, the lack of that activity seems to have thrown off my day.  That combined with the craptacular 85 degree day anyway.  So today has felt much like a lazy day for me.  So rather than tackle some urgent homesteading topic today, I am gonna talk about something near and dear to my heart …

My breakfast and my wife.

Now I haven’t talked about it for awhile, but as I documented all the way back in my very first blog posting, my wife and I eat a paleo diet.  One of the most common criticisms of the diet sounds something like this “Don’t you get tired of eating the same things all the time”.  Well, for starters, you don’t.  All you do is avoid wheat, corn and row crops.  Everything else is fair game.  For example.  The deliciousness that is my breakfast.


Take some tomatoes and wash them off.  Get a big glass baking pan, and heat the oven to 450 degrees.  Hollow out the tomatoes, and put the seeds and tops into the pan.  They will just bake down and be awesome.  Salt and pepper liberally to taste.  Then bake for about 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes, pull pan out from the oven.  Get some fresh eggs, and pour into the tomato cups.  Bake until eggs are done enough for you, for us it was about 10 minutes.


While that whole egg and tomato thing is happening.  Fry up some bacon.  We use a whole pack, but the amount doesn’t really matter.  Whatever you want to eat.  Cook like you normally would, except right before it’s finished, add a healthy dollop of honey to the bacon.  It will cook together, and make almost candied bacon.  I can’t even describe how awesome it is.


Put together on a plate, serve and consume.  Total cost of this breakfast was like $5, and it only took a half an hour total to cook.  Most of that time you are just waiting for things to finish.  So no, I don’t get tired of eating paleo.  Keep your bread and pancakes.  I got this stuff.

So where does the wife part come in?

It comes in with me being a lucky man.  She cooks like this for me all the time.  I look forward to her cooking each and every day.  She always has dinner waiting for me when I come home from work, which makes me a lucky guy.  To all of you men out there, if your wife desires to stay home and not work, let her.  It’s much better for your this way.  Nothing materialistic that she could earn money for could ever begin to out weight the awesomeness that awaits you with a stay at home wife.  She is the backbone of our homestead, and I am lucky to have her.